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  1. I’m running a electric fuel pump as well So that might be a good idea to wire in a kill switch. Currently the gas tank vent line is capped off but I’m working on using the 280z charcoal canister and figuring out how to set up the distributor vac and purge lines but don’t know where they should go since I converted to triple carbs. Any ideas? I was thinking the purge line goes to intake manifold port to remove the gas vapors but unsure where the distributor vac line goes since I no longer have it connected to the original 280z pre throttle body and vacuum nipple on the distributor ( I think the are tee’d) .
  2. good to know that fuel shouldn't be in the throats so i'm suspecting the strong fumes are coming from that. Going to check the float levels and see if that's causing the problem. thanks!
  3. Ive been trying to park my Z in the garage but after awhile of sitting in the garage, it starts to smell like gas. I did check each carb venturi area and some have fuel sitting while others look dry. Is this normal? im suspecting it might be fuel level adjustment that maybe out of spec (which i never checked since i got them) but im not sure if its that or possibly a leaky part somewhere. did change all the necessary gaskets and seals prior to installation. I mean i do know there will be some gas odor naturally with carbs but not bad enough to fill the entire garage up. I checked the gas tank and lines and don't see any leaks. it just smells near the carbs themselves. Any help will be great.
  4. Not sure if they have jets in 54 but there’s 55, 52.5 , 50 . Maybe a 52.5?
  5. From what I recall on freeway it was in the 12s during cruise and idle I was seeing 11.3-11.9 and sometimes go 12.5 so yeah I have to get close to 13.5 or so for idle and 14s for cruise.
  6. Ok I’ll give the 150s a shot. Do I stay 220s for the main air jet?
  7. thanks for help I may stick with 57.5 pilot jets or go down a bit so I’ll have a leaner cruise and idle, as far as main jets I think maybe 165 would be good since I’m using 220 main air jets? Since recommended starting is 145 main jets and 200 main air jets. Difference is 55 in size. Does that sound right?
  8. I have a l28 with mild comp cam 260s and running triple solex 44phh carbs. Here are my specs: outer Venturi 34, jet block OA , main jets 180, main air jet 220, pilot jets 57.5 it runs pretty rich under the high load areas in the mid to high range getting AFR’s around 10s and even high 9s which is super rich. Do any of you guys think I should run main jets to say 160 or 155 or 150? I’m leaning towards 160 to try first but would like some opinions. From what I know the recommended from Mikuni for a stock engine is 150 for 34 Outer Venturi Or 155 if you run larger 37 outer Venturi. Since I have a cam and full exhaust system I figured maybe a richer setting is safer. Thanks
  9. Sorry I actually ended buying a brand new one to save the trouble in the future just as a matter of precaution. I think it ended up being my rebuild kit not sealing right or something.
  10. I have the same issues as well i think. Im trying to bleed my bmc off of my 76 280z and only seem to be able to bleed the rears but the fronts will not. The reservoir at the rear which sends fluid to the front brakes doesn't seem to move any fluid at all. Is that what you had a problem with too? I bought a rebuild kit and installed correctly to the best of my knowledge. Do you guys recommend i take it apart agian and check everything and try to do a bench bleed? Even the rear brakes seem to take forever to bleed out the air bubbles.
  11. Managed to get all the seals replaced, pretty easy for me to get the screws out and everything went smoothly. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for reply, do you know which screws it is? Is it only one? Is it right underneath the area where the jet assembly block is? Do I need to remove the pump diaphragm to gain access? I think I remember seeing it but not sure
  13. Im having a bit of trouble figuring out how to replace a figure 8 seal that is supposedly under the jet block assembly? This is for a Solex 44phh carburetor i believe is type 5. Apparently the figure 8 seal isn't listed on the main blow up diagram.
  14. Yeah looks like I’m gonna try to keep it there but will probably see how I can clear the shield from the header . Thx for tip
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