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Position of Euro front Indicators


Where are your indicators located?  

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  1. 1. Where are your indicators located?

    • On Top of the bumper
    • Below the bumper

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Unlike the US cars the UK 240Z and many European models had the front indicators on the bumpers.

Does anyone know why some cars had them ontop of the front bumper whilst others had them below?

There doesn't seem to be a logical pattern as to which year of cars had them.

Just curious to hear if anyone knows why there is a variation?

Thanks in advance.

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In Australia the '73 240Z had the indicators located on top of the bumper (as per the Euro cars). They are NLA from Nissan Australia & one of mine has a cracked lens, so I'm going to run orange globes in the parking lights & run integral parkers in the H4 main beams....



South Australiapicture of my 240z at bottom of page

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Probably had something to do with design regulations of european countries. They probably had to be a certain distance from the ground or something silly like that. My (Australian '71) 240z had indicators located in the sidelights and had a clear plastic lense. I think it was a single globe with 2 filaments, but I could be wrong. It didn't have indicators fitted on the bumper, it had the metal overrider things (whatever they are called). and I'm pretty sure later models had combination of clear and orange lenses for the respective sidelight/indicator globes.

Mr C

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The Euro front indicators are above the bumper on all Zeds 1970-79. I understand that this was due to them having to be a certain height from the ground. Personally I think they look better hanging down, it makes the cars "face" look more aggressive. Before this swap over the car looked like it had dimples !

However, the U.S spec indicators look better fitted on the lower valance (as it should be), and soon I will be converting to these but using clear lenses with an orange bulb and doing without the sidelights. A set of white lensed wing repeaters would complete the look, but I am not sure if they are available. If anyone knows any different, could you point me in the right direction please.


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