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2nd, What do you think? 70 Orange (gulp) Z


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Hi all,

I hope I'm not being too much of a nusiance (sp?) with these post. I found another Z that I might be interested in buying. This one happens to be Orange. I know, I know.....I said I wouldn't by another orange Z. But...but...this ones really nice and I promise......no really promise I won't kill it. Point you browsers to


and check out the folder "Orange 70 Z" and let me know what you think.

Below is a cut n' paste of the information he posted on another (obviously inferior Z website)

"Built 4/70 and is #2761, this cars has been in storage for over 15 years prior to complete restoration. All numbers match, 51,000 original miles. There is NO RUST ANYWHERE!!

The Car is stunning and turns heads everywhere, I get 10 times the looks, stares and conversations driving this car than in my Mercedes. This car is VERY original, unlike many cars sold here that are described as original and then have no rubber strips on the bumpers, no emblems, after market antennas, speaker holes cut in the doors etc, you get the point! The ONLY departure from original is the front spoiler (which I really like) I have the original 3-piece valance that was painted when the car was restored and it is of course included with the car. The wheels are dealer installed options, they shine like a mirror and are much more attractive that the original hubcaps.

It would probably be shorter to tell you what has NOT been replaced but here goes on new/refurbished parts (I have ALL receipts).


Door panels



Shifter Boot

Handbrake cover

Vinyl throughout

Steering Wheel and short knob (Beautiful!)




Brake master cylinder

Brake slave cylinder

Clutch master and slave cylinder







Handbrake cable

Wheel bearings

Struts all 4 corners

Battery and battery cables

Rotor distributor and sparkplug cables



Rebuilt Carbs

Rebuilt Radiator with 3 coil core

Suspension bushings

4 U joints

Exhaust system complete

New fluids



Carb float

Radiator Fluid

Engine Oil

Body and Trim:

Everything has been re chromed

Rubber trim on bumpers and bumperettes

All Stainless Steel has been polished, including small pieces like the strips that fit inside the rubber moldings around windshield and hatch glass

New exterior mirror

New rear quarter panels both sides (installed CORRECTLY see pics)

Rocker panels both sides (installed CORRECTLY see pics)

Rubber moldings around all glass

New rubber seals everywhere, including details like the 4 rubber stoppers on the gas filler door

Complete and correct emblems

New windshield

New Tires


Door and hatch latches

Polished aluminum valve cover, and carb float bowls

Polished aluminum doorsills

The paint is perfect NO orange peal (it was color sanded)

Firewall grommet kit

Door/interior light switch (both sides)

The car is stunning and the restoration is exceptional but I am a bit of a perfectionist, so here are the things that still need to be done:

1) The overhead interior light works intermittently I have looked for a new one but cannot find one locally

2) There are the beginning of cracks on the dash, 3 lines of about 1/4 of an inch; the price to repair in Calgary is $100. The only reason it is not done is that the car is in Vancouver.

3) The body shop did their best to adjust the window glass, and it is good it is just not perfect; if I were to keep the car I would put new roller assemblies on both sides.

4) The bulbs are burnt out on the gas/amp gauge

I love this car and will not give it away, if you have the funds and can provide a good home to an exceptional bit of sportscar history this is the car for you.

Model Year: 1970

Mileage: 51000

Transmission: Manual

Interior Color: Black

Exterior Color: Orange

Price: $13,0000 "

I really like this one alot, however, the logistics would be somewhat more difficult. Not impossible, but I'd have to be really sure about this one. Additionally, the price is the absolute highest I could go ( I will not post any higher priced Z's. I promise!!). Finally it seems like a bit of sheet metal has been replaced and that make me nervous. So what do you guys/gals think?

Best Regards,

Landmizzle '71 240Z

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Look I like what I see, It's very original with the exception of the mag wheels, which is a good sign and shows the owner likes the car for what it is and hasn't tried changing alot about it. From the pictures it's very clean. It's very different to look at a car in person so this is only a point of view taken from someone who has clicked onto the page. You have to calculate how much you estimate it will cost to get the car the way you would like it and see if it's worth while.


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Originally posted by landmizzle

Model Year: 1970

Mileage: 51000

Transmission: Manual

Interior Color: Black

Exterior Color: Orange

Price: $13,0000 "

I dunno, $130000 sounds a bit expensive.......... ROFL ROFL

No but seriously, looks good!

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If the $13,000 are CANADIAN dollars, then it equals 9,340.55 USD.

If all the work performed on the car is as stated and good quality, it might be a steal.

That it has had bodywork performed on it, and from the type of bodywork (both rear quarters and both rockers) tells me that this car at one time had a lot of rust. Whether there is more rust hiding waiting to be found is where a careful buyer will check.

We all know that these cars were prone to rust. Between the poor galvanizing, the application of tar paper to bare metal, the lack of primer / paint in certain key areas of the Series I and early Series II, you KNOW that most of these cars are going to exhibit SOME rust.

Apparently for a prior owner this was something that had to be repaired. He had it done at a body shop. That doesn't necessarily mean EXCELLENT work, but it says that the PO was willing to pay to have it done correctly. (Sorry guys, most back-yard mechanics are NOT set up to do bodywork the way it needs to be done. I used to be a body man and there are somethings that I won't touch.) That said, that he is admitting to the repairs speaks well for his forthrightness and hopefully honesty. So I'll tend to believe that the repairs were better than what would have been performed in an individual's garage.

With that being the case, then no doubt other rust-prevention techniques were undoubtedly used. I would still check the key places we all know are prone to rust: floor boards, battery box, front fender dog leg, spare tire well, hatch lock area.

Could there be some other problems still to be addressed? Probably, that's half the reason most of us come to this site, the ongoing care and maintenance of these cars is something that we have all encountered and still endure.

Could I wish it were less expensive for you? Yes. But if everything that you list is in fact what has been done, then the PO has a fair amount of change invested in that car probably more than what he is selling it for, I'm sure he wants some sort of return.


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