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Curious Buyer of '71 240Z


How much should this Z go for?  

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  1. 1. How much should this Z go for?

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Hey guys,

I'm inquiring to anyone who has any knowledge of a 71 240z and how much it would be worth. I'm currently looking in the market for one, and may have found my match. The car is in very good condition, I'll tell you all a little bit about it.

The dash was just replaced, looks clean, the owner put in a new distrubtor and firing cables, has spare steering wheel, and headlight buckets, clean wheels, original paint *will need to be redone* needs u joint replacement, throttle is touchy, 5 speed tranny is rad and super tight, all lights work, no body damage, no rust, ac was removed, clean clean interior and around 140k mi? I dont know how many times the od has turned over, but its a clean car, has a bra, sounds good, no clanks or bangs, no smoke. I'm really aspiring for a Z, except I have no way of looking up a good price. Asking 4500 hoping to see what some of the pros (you all out there) have to say or any advice. Anything is appreciated. Thanks a huge much.


[email protected]

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I live in Vancouver, Wa also. If you give me an e-mail maybe I can swing out there to look at it.

However, a couple things jump out right away.

The 71 Z's did not have 5 speed transmissions as far as I know. Someone else please correct me on this, but that indicates a transplant sometime in it's past.

Check underneath the carpeting on both footwells. Also check the floor pan from below. Have seen rust show up on "rust-free" vehicles there.

But at $4500 that isn't necessarily a bad price if all you mention is true.

Enrique Scanlon

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Well insurance on this lil beast would be rad. 1/2 of what my insurance is now. I put on the table an offer for 3700. I'm hoping for the best, but I can offer up to 4000 even. So a small window is there. I'm hoping and wishing, and praying, and *how ever the rest of the song goes* Hope for the best please! I want to be a true member!



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Is that car in San Jose?? Being sold by a Chinese/Japanese guy?

Does it have damage on the drivers front? If that is the one, the damage alone will cost you $1,500 to fix and then another $2,500 for paint. That is a lot of money on top of a kinda high price.

The rest of the car seemed pretty clean though.

Well, that's just my opinion, but I would try to get the price lower.

good luck,


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I didnt vote b/c I personally haven't inspected/driven the car. I know from experience 18 dozen pictures of every nook and cranny still wont give you all the info you need. If I had to vote tho, I'd put it up in the 3.5-4K range, simply because of the scarecity of the year and your desire to own one. (I've emptied my bank account getting my '72 so I know all about the 'Z bug") My advice simply this: If it's what you want, and you can afford it, go for it (assuming all the mechanicals, known problems, etc turn out to be minor) There's nothing worse then NOT getting what you paid for.....that's just my rant tho....any others?

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Oh Hey,

Well to answer the first question, no - the car is located up here in Vancouver, WA with no body damage. The seller wasn't oriental *to answer second question* but other than that I think its cool. Actually I just bought the car, it has been a couples days since i've been on the computer to check out the forum, I do though have to thank you all for you help. We ended up buying it for 4k. It will require a little bit of cosmetics and such, I was curious though if anyone knew where to buy the turn signal relays. The hazard lights do not work both, only the left one, and also the high beam toggle switch only toggles me. Drrp, any idea on these issues?

Thank you all very much,


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