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Harmonic balancer

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    I'm trying to buy a new harmonic balancer for a 1979 280ZX every Source I use comes up with a part number Daykin PB1212N. This is absolutely the wrong part number and does not fit either one of my 79 to 80s. Can anybody provide me with the correct part number it is a manual car with air conditioning and power steering

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    As Cliff said






    Not a cheap part, but it will work and you will probably be done with it for your lifetime.

    You'll need the associated crank bolt and timing indicator if you go this route.

    Another alternative is to send it off for reconditioning to these guys:

    Dale Manufacturing (Salem, Oregon -- same town as as ZTherapy) offer a rebuild service at $115 (plus 2-way shipping) based on you supplying your core for them to refurbish.

    Another option:



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