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240z/zx upgrade


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I have a '72 Series II 240 and was wondering how difficult it is to transplant an electric distributor (heard the best year was a '76) to eliminate the need to keep adjusting the points. If anyone has done this let me know things like cost(if professionally done), difficulty, tools needed, exp. time if I do it myself, etc. Thanks

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Sorry, not going to give you any technical advice on the disty question (it's a fairly common switch)...just chuckling about your vehicular predicament! Without implying the Z cars are necessarily undependable...what you need is a little Toyota truck or Honda Accord or something--something you will NEVER have to spend a DIME on to keep running. Then you can devote yourself to the Z's!

Actually, why stop at the disty? PUT THE WHOLE DAMN MOTOR IN THE 240!!!! L28 + EFI = A 240 THAT RUNS!!!


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that is my master plan actually....drop my '81 f54/p79 w/ 5-speed and 3.90 rear in it for the ultimate style and EFI non-turbo power....problem is i have to have the '81 for a daily driver til i get the '72 to replace it...plus no garage or tools for such an undertaking and to top it off i work 5+ days a week on third shift so my time is limited at best....to top it off the '72 has a rebuilt motor, while the '81 is cruising w/ 177K original miles...better to jus leave it with its own...I'd still like to modernize the crap out of the '72....engine wise anyway...keep round top carbs tho...gotta have authenticity ya know...anyone know bout the dizzy thing tho?

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