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Re: MCK Recaro LX seats

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For anyone who has looked at or bought the Recaro LX seats from ebay seller michikogoodproduct, this information about removing the headrests could come in handy:

My order took the slow boat from Thailand to save shipping costs -- about 2 1/2 months -- but they arrived today and my first impression is very good. These are used Recaros that have been re-covered. Love the factory retro look -- the material and workmanship seem good quality. Still need the Wedge brackets to complete the install, but I'm freshly motivated!





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I haven’t seen anything that says otherwise. 100% positive rating on ebay seems to support that as well. They’ve sold enough seats that someone would have busted them by now if they were fake. When you look at what mediocre aftermarket seats can cost, these are worth it even if they’re phony.

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