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  1. Looks great!! I love it! Where did you get the seat brackets? Sliders? Hows the seat height? TIA
  2. Thank you! I got in touch with him
  3. Did you get this installed yet? Pics if so. I just ordered a pair from there mck as well.
  4. Those seats are Beautiful! Are they real deal Recaros?
  5. Fixed!! I pushed 2 quarts of brake fluid though the right and a lot of bubbles came from drivers rear. Thanks to everyone for the help and support. I appreciate you guys.
  6. Good thinking. I will look for it tonight
  7. Yes , the rear brakes are adjusted properly. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
  8. Definitely no hole in booster. Rear brake are adjusted properly.
  9. I don't think so because I've replaced the rubber hoses at each wheel. But I will make sure.
  10. Sorry Steve, yes I did. They are installed correctly. Bleeders up
  11. Hey guys, the reaction disk was in place. I tested the booster and check valve and bench bled the MC while I had it out. Pressure bled system and still same thing. I'm thinking I'm going to gravity bleed at every fitting of system this weekend. It has to be air in system! Right!? I Really appreciate your suggestions, thanks
  12. Thanks guys! I will check for the reaction disk tomorrow.
  13. Hi Steve I have. And it all leads to air in system. I've bled it multiple times and different techniques. Stumped!
  14. Is that what you call helping? More like wasting time. Glad I could help with your boredom sir.
  15. I'm sorry but I thought the title of my post explains my symptom Zed head. Everything has been replaced except lines and booster.
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