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  1. looking good @duffman. yeah i popped for the this intake. Thanks for the pictures i may have to go that way
  2. Hello @MikeW could you share you were you got your t-cable from? I just install the harada you recommended. I don't have that return idle problem anymore and in super happy, but my pedal feels really stiff and hard to press. I'm using the crank that comes with the intake and a lokar cable. Feel so stiff that cable may break. How does you pedal feel? Can you make some suggestions?
  3. @Mark Maras hello Mark. A little background about the car. I bought it with a stuck motor and the webers and cannon were on it. Rebuilt motor and had problem ever since. So what I did was rebuilt that carbs , made a heat and ceramic coat headers and cannon manifold. Still was having this isses even after replacing internal springs with the strongest available and 3 external springs. The damage may have been done before I got it. Great idea. I will take manifold and have the surfaces checked.
  4. Thank you. I will do that soon
  5. When its hot and acting up, can you still close the throttle plates with your fingers? Yes. But but get harder
  6. @Zed Head good morning. I'm definitely not even close to an expert. I've tried many things to remedy this issue. I don't have anything against springs. I've tried many Springs from weak to strong from 1 to 3 Springs Total I'm still acts up when the engine is really hot thanks for your help
  7. It's late you must be tired and you're cranky. Remember I came here to ask for help. Hoping from people who actually experienced and resolved the issue in having, but all suggestions were taking seriously. I'm simply making a statement Thats adding more spring is not the solution. You made a good recommendation to check for vacuum leak after plates and I thanked you and checked and that's not it. Anyway. Sorry you feel that way. Thanks again
  8. That was a co workers voice and it was fake news. Just middle one sticks and its not the carb because I switch carbs around and sticks to middle position. There are many triple weber config running with 0 or just 1 weak return spring. I wish it was just that. Please understand that it is beyond adding more return springs. I'm determined to get this solved. Thanks for the help. I will definitely post the solution on this thread
  9. @gundeeIt's just the middle carb sticking.
  10. I rebuilt carbs trying to fix tbis problem @gundee.
  11. Thats great info @Zed Head these carbs dont have vacuum ports.
  12. @Patcon all springs were replaced with the strongest one available
  13. @Zed Head I rebuilt all carbs. Plates shafts bearing and seals. They all open and close smooth as silk when engine off. Confused. Thats why I was leaner towards a new manifold
  14. Watch both videos @Zed Head focus on middle carb actuating arm. Watch how it sticks open and closed when shut engine down.