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  1. I found this. https://lotuselan.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=24632&start= Guy talks about drilling a vent hole in inspection plate. Older Italian made webers have solid throttle shaft inspection plates and newer one have a hole. This has to be it
  2. Thanks. Level is set correctly. Using dip stick method
  3. Zed head. Honestly man. Im tired of messing with these carbs. I had these carbs vapor blasted and rebuilt last year. They leaked a little out the cold start mech so I sealed them up. They were good! And now leaking there again. Wanna buy old Italian model 18 DCOE 40s?
  4. Would the choke mech leak if float value was stuck? Its wet If I touch underneath at carb/intake spacer. Not leaking out of air horns. What you guys think
  5. Thanks guys. Adjusted valence and now enough room to drive. Still very close but good enough for now. Went for a drive and got back and smell fuel from under the hood. Rub my hand underneath carb. Found carb leaking where meets intake. Who wants to buy a 240Z?!
  6. Thanks Guys. I'm about to tackle that now. Looking for bolts under the Ziebart
  7. Cut the inner bushing? @Zed Head
  8. Good eye! Spacer is 5 mm. And I did use it. It still rubs with if off. Puzzled because spacing is fine on drivers side. I'm going check the valence for adjust now. Thanks! I'll let you know soon
  9. Hello. They are 0 offset. I drove this car for 2 year with the previous wheels 15x7. Using the same times as now (225/50) and had no issues. You can clearly a smaller gap in front of tire compared to the left side.
  10. Thanks Zed. All bushing are new. Replaced them last year. I did check them out and the bushing are correctly installed and nuts and even and tight
  11. Hello Zed. It rubs when driving. I have it raised now to take wheels off. Sorry I shouldve made it more clear. It rubs on sheet metal on lower part below the chrome bumper. Wheel well area
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