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  1. @Mark Maras hello Mark. A little background about the car. I bought it with a stuck motor and the webers and cannon were on it. Rebuilt motor and had problem ever since. So what I did was rebuilt that carbs , made a heat and ceramic coat headers and cannon manifold. Still was having this isses even after replacing internal springs with the strongest available and 3 external springs. The damage may have been done before I got it. Great idea. I will take manifold and have the surfaces checked.
  2. Thank you. I will do that soon
  3. When its hot and acting up, can you still close the throttle plates with your fingers? Yes. But but get harder
  4. @Zed Head good morning. I'm definitely not even close to an expert. I've tried many things to remedy this issue. I don't have anything against springs. I've tried many Springs from weak to strong from 1 to 3 Springs Total I'm still acts up when the engine is really hot thanks for your help
  5. It's late you must be tired and you're cranky. Remember I came here to ask for help. Hoping from people who actually experienced and resolved the issue in having, but all suggestions were taking seriously. I'm simply making a statement Thats adding more spring is not the solution. You made a good recommendation to check for vacuum leak after plates and I thanked you and checked and that's not it. Anyway. Sorry you feel that way. Thanks again
  6. That was a co workers voice and it was fake news. Just middle one sticks and its not the carb because I switch carbs around and sticks to middle position. There are many triple weber config running with 0 or just 1 weak return spring. I wish it was just that. Please understand that it is beyond adding more return springs. I'm determined to get this solved. Thanks for the help. I will definitely post the solution on this thread
  7. @gundeeIt's just the middle carb sticking.
  8. I rebuilt carbs trying to fix tbis problem @gundee.
  9. Thats great info @Zed Head these carbs dont have vacuum ports.
  10. @Patcon all springs were replaced with the strongest one available
  11. @Zed Head I rebuilt all carbs. Plates shafts bearing and seals. They all open and close smooth as silk when engine off. Confused. Thats why I was leaner towards a new manifold
  12. Watch both videos @Zed Head focus on middle carb actuating arm. Watch how it sticks open and closed when shut engine down.
  13. Hahaha only 25! I've tired many different springs and placement if them. Even up to 3 spring and still doesn't absolutely fix this issue or the pedal is too tough to modulate. Thanks for you help. The problem is beyond springs. I ordered new linkage as someone else recommended. Hopefully that will do. I will upload thoes video on YouTube and post it here for you. I want you to see what im talking about @Zed Head
  14. @duffman can you share a link of the linkage kit you mentioned for 80? I found this https://www.piercemanifolds.com/product_p/pm3701-l.htm
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