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clutch slippage in a single gear


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I am getting clutch slippage in only 3rd gear, what could this be. I will start in 1st and it climbs up on the old rpm gauge fine, same with second, and then when I shift to third I get a high rev up but it is like the gear isn't completely engaged for a second. Then it is like it finally catches up with itself and begins to engage the gear. Whats this all about?


Ps: pictures coming soonROFL

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I'd have to agree that it is probably an internal problem with the trans, possibly a bent shift fork or a bent roll pin in the fork is not engaging 3rd gear all the way on the countershaft.:ermm:

If it were the clutch, it would more than likely slip in all the gears, especially 1st and 2nd where it has more torque on it due to the gearing.

It could also be something as simple as the shifter bushings as well that are contributing to it.

Is this a later B model or the early A model? I have an A model that shifts fine in all gears except for 3rd as well, 3rd is almost impossible to even find and after the shifter finally gets it in gear, you can move the shifter around as if it were in neutral.

I haven't torn it down yet to find the culprit, but it's internal on mine...:disappoin

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Is this on a manual trans. ? I have never heard of one slipping . How can this be If the gears are engaged I dont see how that could hapen ? the only thing that can slip is the clutch. This is a learning experience. Check the help forum I have a Brake problem I need help for. Gary

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Hey I wanted to apologize I didn't beat on the car as much as I should have. It slips in all gears. For some reason it didn't seem to the first ride. So this means that I just need to adjust the clutch.

Thanks for the input, sorry again

Frankenstein Z

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