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speakers not working


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I was driving from the MSA show on Sunday night and it was raining pretty hard. I didn't listen to the stereo the whole time. Then when I was driving to my college that night I turned on the stereo and it looked like the deck was working because the lights were on and it was playing the track, but no sound was coming out of the speakers at any volume.

Then today I turned it on and it works, but once I turn the volume up or down a little, there was no sound once again.

I don't know what is going on. I am thinking some rain may have shorted some wires, a bad fuse maybe. I'm not sure. If anyone has some suggestions or has experienced this before, please tell me. Thanks a lot.


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Check to see if this radio uses GROUND as the Common Negative for all the speakers. If so, then check the grounding strap to the radio.

I've seen radios where the Ground to Negative for Power was assured via the wiring, but the Speaker Ground was through the chassis mount.

In those cases, you need to make sure that the radio chassis IS grounded properly.

That may fix what you've posted.

However, IF the problem is internal to the radio, specifically the volume control switch, then there is a possibility that the switch itself has either been shorted, lost connection or has gotten corroded to where it isn't functional but in a few positions.

Try turning the volume knob up and down several times before you turn it on. SOMETIMES that's enough to scuff some of the oxidation off the volume switch so that it will operate properly. Other times, it doesn't.

Hope this helps.

Enrique Scanlon

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If I'm understanding you correctly you turned it on today and you could hear music but once you touched the volume (either up or down) the sound stopped but the radio was still on. If this is correct it sounds to me like an internal problem with the radio; specifically the volume knob/mechanism.

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Now the stereo only works when the lights are in the off position. It works fine when they are off, but when the lights are on the face plate on the deck flashes. I have no clue what is going on. It is so odd.


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