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Fuel damper leaking. Can’t find replacement. Is it required?

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I have a ‘79 280ZX that has a leaky fuel damper.  I have done many searches for the replacement part and have come up empty.  It’s been out of production for many years and there is no new old stock either.  So a couple of questions.  Does anyone know of a replacement part number that will work?  If no replacement is available, is the fuel damper really even needed?  From what I understand, it is there to dampen any presssure spikes or pulses that may come from the nearby fuel pump.  Thanks for any info guys!

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There is at least one thread on the site somewhere about a later model damper that was used as a replacement.  I think it was available on Rockauto.  Maybe search the words using the site's search engine, or use Google and "site:classiczcars.com" as a term. 

I think that it might also make the pump last longer.  It damps the pressure pulses from the injectors opening and closing too.

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Zed, thank you so much for finding that thread for me!  I was able to order the Bosch 0280161024 from Amazon of all places.  Pricey little bugger, but hopefully it will match up and perform as the original.  It may be a while before I am able to work on the car again now that the weather has turned, but I will post an update when I get it installed.  Thanks again!!!

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