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Conspiracy? Is the Ozzy Guy Really an Ozzy

That Ozzy Guy

Is the Ozzy Guy really an Ozzy  

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  1. 1. Is the Ozzy Guy really an Ozzy

    • True blue okker
    • Neh, he's an import
    • I've heard he's an inbreed.

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To check out a tru blu aussie does not required turning him upside down.

However, it does require some instruments and some minor irritations to the recipient. He is is judged on the language used when the instrument is applied in a careless manner.

Something along the lines of

"Crikey - was that a didgeredoo or are ya just happy to see me!!!!"


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Europe is correct and more to the point is the Mediterranean. Now how did you come to that conclusion?

For the record I'm from Macedonia which is just north of Greece for those who haven't heard of it. The correct name is actually "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". This is a result of Greece pettitioning against our use of the "Macedonia" name as they claim it is theirs. They claim alot of things are theirs but that's another story.

I came to Australia in 1987 and absolutely love this vast country of ours. Have been back to my motherland once in 1997 and realised that Australia is so much better in respect to jobs, government and quality of life in general.

So don't take things for granted guys. We have it on a silver platter here.


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Well, to put that quote in the right context, I was speaking about all the junk e-mails we all get and how they promise we can 'enlarge your manlyhood in one easy operation' or 'do you crave bigger breasts?' I wouldn't advise that last one:finger: it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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Hey, George, I CHEATED. (If foreknowledge is cheating)

After all, I know your surname. You know, the one you don't include in your profile. (Sneaky, just putting an "M") That's the sort of thing us sneaky Aussies do mate.

Plus I know you to be honest.

Check the results again mate, You have at least one vote.


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Ben, I don't blame you. I know lots of Georges from Greece.

My real name btw is Goce Miskovski. Goce is a short version of George and I used my real name up until the end of high school but upon entering the service industry (ie Woolworths ROFL) I found it easier with George so I've stuck with it. I just don't have to repeat my name a few times this way. In high school some teachers before they got to know me used to pronounce it Goat, Ghost, Grace etc.

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