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South Oz '73 Zed

That Ozzy Guy

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Yeah, 240K...

looks like a piece of junk.......... wonder how rusty it is?

running a car without an air filter is one thing, but advertising it like that??

Automatic though?? Looks like a 240K Auto shifter, but what's that clutch pedal doing?

But I mean, FINALLY there's a Z on ebay Australia. Compared to the dozens that go for sale every week in America... they dont know what they've got :cry:

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Not too keen on buying a car I haven't seen in the flesh as is the case with eBay. I mean, I buy DVD's and whatnot but a car:finger:

btw, I got burnt on eBay for the first time lst month. Some woman ripped a few people off for around $20 - $40 each. She kept delaying the shipment date and then saying it must have been lost in the mail and yadda yadda. Finally her e-mail started to reject my e-mails as she didn't pay her ISP bill. All I can say is there are some sad and pathetic people out there.

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It was two DVD's. She had a few usernames on eBay but all of them got banned after a couple of us sniffed her out and reported her. It was so funny tracking her down. This one guy saw a pattern to her writing that ended with this smilie :] and used - instead of a fullstop. Her username that got me was 'chabrote' and her name is Channy.

Here's one of her e-mail responses to me.


> > Hi George apologies l answered your email but something must have

> > happened with it reaching you-l have posted of another copy of

> > each-Channy:]


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Alfa's right!! What the bloody hell is it doing with a clutch pedal?? Blahahahahaa!! LOL Maybe they retro-fitted an auto to the car?

...and that 240 in sydney in the trading post looks dodgy too, either its a 260 or the front panels have been replaced at some time..


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It MUST have been retro-fitted with an auto - there's no clutch MC in the engine bay....

Damn, there aren't enuf manual 240's in Aust as it is. :cry:

I paid $3k for my 2nd '73 240Z in late '97 and it had a pretty rusty body (for SA standards) but a tip-top L28 with the original SU's fitted. This e-bay car is only worth $3500 'cause market values have risen in the last few years.

Having said that, it's a typical example of the cars that are in the 2nd-hand market these days - tired & desperately needing attention.

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