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What Can You Reasonably Get from an L24?


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I have a '72 240 in close to perfect condition. It has 69,000 miles and I have redone the entire suspension (bearings, 4 piston calipers, new wheel cylinders, poly bushings, tokico shocks etc. etc.) So now that I have a decent suspension and braking system, I am interested to know what can reasonably be done with an L24. I am considering conversion to HEI electronic ignition (have the parts), a header and 2-1/2 inch exhaust and maybe a cam. But, again -- what can I reasonably do to this car? By reasonably I mean without sacrificing drivablity. What kind of power can I get from an L24 and what is the best way to go about getting it. The car is a toy and not used as a daily driver -- however, it is driven on the street. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

P.S. I have considered a V8 conversion but do not have the heart -- don't need the tickets either.

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What you have is a great car to keep in it's pristine condition, just because of the low mileage. That is the biggest consideration I would have if I were to modify the car. For me personally, I have a car that is moreless a weekend warrior. The motor puts out over 210HP, fancy paint job and moreless a pleasure car at heart.

I set it up no so much as to retain its original value, but rather to have fun with it. http://www.brandonyu.com.

I would consider power to the motor and power in the turns to make your car come alive. And remember to keep all those stock parts just in case you want to sell it someday. How bout the header for start, with a 2.50 inch exhaust system from the header back. That should give you some good bang for the buck, plus a healthier sound. Next, look at sway bars and gas shocks. Check out suspension techniques and consider Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks. The adjustments are nice because they have a range of settings. The ride will be firmer of course, but the car will handle like it wants to slalom after that. Try a friends car first to see if you like it, if you can. The difference is night and day, the best money you will ever spend on the z car. A cam? ...won't pass smog. Did you put in a K&N air filter for full breathing? cheap and more power. Also to compliment the new suspension, you should get yourself some new 15" or larger wheels and low-profile tires.

The list goes on and on, but these are the best things to do first in my mind.

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My L24 makes 150hp at the wheels (maybe 180 or so at the flywheel). It has weber DCOE40s, a header, mild cam, and a Rebello road race L24 (bored, E31 head, mild tweaks). Mr R says 217 flywheel, 180+hp wheels is carb tune and cam away. Planning it out now.

I built a harsh z early on. Konis, big bars, lowered, etc. Too rough for anything over 20 minutes! This one has european spring rates and chassis weight has been lightened. Gas struts and a '74 rear sway bar. 4 piston fronts with zx master cyl. Rides firm and is well in control of the motor. Not harsh, but quite firm on any extended drive. I'd ride in a few to see what you like.

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In addition to thinking about more power, keep working on reducing the weight of the car. Lightwieght racing seats add immensly to the feel of the car and can be very comfortable on the street. Smaller, lighter battery, light rims and tires, going back to the stock single piston front calipers, removing the stereo, stainless exhaust, etc.

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