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For Rent: Torque Plate for Datsun Z 6cyl Nissan RB 6cyl and Sr20


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Please read the  entire ad and if you have questions please e-mail me at wrecklessmtrspor@ aol.com


FOR RENT: Torque Plates: 
Nissan Skyline (RB26dett RB20det, RB25det)
Nissan Silvia (SR20DET)
Datsun Z L-series Inline-6 engines (240z,260z, 280z & 280zxt)

For correctly boring and honing your Nissan 
RB-series,& SR20DET and Datsun L-series engines. 
$100 for a 7 day rental 
$500 refundable deposit.

Renter Pays all Shipping expenses and PayPal Fees. 

!!! Renter is to pay in full before renting.!!!!

Available Torque Plates:
RB-series torque plate will work on all RB-series engines RB20DE, RB20det, RB25det and RB26dett

Nissan SR20DET torque plate available too. 

240z, 260Z, and 280z
RBSeries a Torque play also works an All Nissan/Datsun L-Series Inline-6 Engines from (1970-1984) 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 280ZX
Engines: L-24, L-26, L-28, and L-28ET

Included in the Rental:  for RB series blocks:
1x inline 6 aluminum Torque Plate 92mm Bore
1x Set of ARP head studs 
1x MLS head gasket RB-engines 90mm

included in rental for Datsun Z-Series 6cyl:

1x inline 6 aluminum Torque Plate 92mm Bore1x 1x MLS head gasket Datsun Z Series

!!(!!you must supply your own head bolts for Datsun L Series engines!)

Call or Text Wreckless Motorsports 971-506-3815 

E-mail: wrecklessmtrspor@aol.com

Facts about Torque Plate boring and honing:
Head-bolt torque can dramatically distort cylinders and cylinders can not be bored or honed accurately if cylinder dimensions change so significantly after assembly. Rings won't seal well and scuffing is likely to occur if the engine overheats. Torque Plate Boring and Honing corrects all of these problems, leading to more consistent tolerances, better sealing of the piston ring with less oil consumption leading to more horsepower and a Torque.




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