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[SOLD] 1971 Datsun 240z (Fully Restored)


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This is a Fully Restored 1971 Datsun 240z.  It is a matching numbers restoration.

This 240z was professionally restored 8 years ago by a pair of Datsun/Nissan factory- trained mechanics. I purchased it from them in Tennessee.  Since being restored it has only seen rain once and that was when I was driving it back from Tennessee.  It sits under cover in my humidity controlled garage.

This 240z has its original 2.4 Liter inline 6 with factory twin SU carburetors, with a high compression head.   It has a Nissan remanufactured starter, new alternator, new clutch/disc, new slave cylinder. It sports a classic 280zx header-back exhaust, with period correct chrome tip.  The exhaust note is throaty and just lovely at speed!  The chassis and undercarriage has been media blasted and repainted in black.  All new suspension was then added; new polyurethane bushings and shocks all around. A complete new brakes system was installed including; new master cylinder, all hoses and lines, new rotors, rear disc pads and shoes. The body was completely stripped down to bare metal, all dings and abrasions addressed, primed, double sanded before painted in 2005 Infiniti G35 Red;  engine bay, fairings and front fascia were included.  New emblems, OEM new chrome bumpers, new headlamps and buckets installed, new parking lamps, sidemarker lamps with all associated rubber seals and gaskets as well.  Every nut and bolt, gasket and seal has been replaced with new parts.  All hood, door and hatch gaps are excellent, with no adjustment needed.     Lastly the exterior is complemented with period correct slotted mags.  This all makes for a stunningly clean, retro-reminiscent 240z just as you remember it from 1971!

  The interior is new, as original as possible; just absolutely beautiful! This new interior has had all the trim replaced, a new overlay dash, new carpet (loop and pile like stock/OEM), new headliner, new sun visors, new seat covers. The seats are aftermarket in order to accommodate those of us that are taller than average.  The driver side does show some signs of wear and tear (ie sliding your butt cross it when getting in and out).  Of course they are manual adjustment and adjust for length and rake.   It has new door panels and new hardware; they all look and function excellent. All gauges are present and work as they should; fuel gauge, temperature gauge, oil gauge, tach and speedometer.  Although, the fuel gauge never shows full, it does work (I suspect this is just a glitch with the in-tank fuel level float).  Turn signal indicators, windshield wipers and horn are all working, again as they should.  An aftermarket sound system has been installed, complete with remote and Aux input.  There are no electrical gremlins as the entire electrical system right down to the wiring harness is new.

It is nimble, quick and solid; a perfect driver’s car!  And this 240z grabs attention.  It is not the cookie cutter, look like every other “sports car” on the roads today.  All who see it either wave, give the thumbs-up or drive up alongside just to look and crave that yesteryear command of the driving experience no longer with us in the modern day era of electronics and plushness.  

Finally, this car is for sale.  My situation is changing and I cannot keep this car garaged as it has been since the restoration.  It deserves a new home with someone  who will appreciate this car for what it is; a great example of what a 240z should be.  An extraordinary about of time, effort and yes, love has gone into bringing back this Z to its current standards.  I am selling this car and not giving it away.  Do not expect me to appreciate a low-ball effort, just as I will expect you to not be affronted with an honest and fair price.

Price: $25,000



Pictures available at: http://s868.photobucket.com/user/n4soccer06/library/240z


Links to videos:


Walk Around:



Quick Drive:



Exhaust and Engine clip:



Or if you care to have additional info or pictures, you can reach out to me at:



One does not have to look very far to find cars now considered iconic.  A car which started simply as a car cut to a particular segment of the market: Porsche 356, Austin-Healy 3000, Jaguar E Type.  Many in the auto trades seem to be believe the 240Z  is going to be one of the next cars to grab the attention of collectors and investors, and then become that next icon.

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On ‎2‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 10:34 AM, SteveJ said:

So, Dave @grishtxu, are you going to get possession of the car in time to take it to the Dallas Autorama?


Hi Steve,

Dave has contacted me regarding Autorama - I'm the club's car show coordinator this year.  As it turns out, we did a 6-car S30 tribute display last year and will be presenting a Z32 tribute this year.  I'm looking forward to connecting with Dave and have directed him to a qualified shop to give the car its arrival inspection.  We're looking forward to a most excellent S30 and owner addition to our club membership.


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