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New guy here, and here's my entry....


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'73 240z, originally nissan percimmon red (burnt orange) with '81 snowflake 15" rims

    stock L24 block w/ e88 head (rebuilt 40k miles ago)
    dual webber downdrafts
    stock 4 speed
    r-200 rear diff, 3:54:1 gearing
    ground control coilovers
    eibach 200lb/in springs
    motorsport auto 1" front 7/8" rear sways
    tokiko illumina 5 way adjustable struts
    polygraphite bushings
    Outlaw Brakes stage I 4 pot kit (toyota 4 piston brakes with 300zx dual vented rotors w/ spacers)
    stainless steel braided brake lines

The car is actually completely disassembled right now, as I am redoing the suspension completely from scratch and repainting as I go along so I don't have to do this twice in the future.

I also have an aluminum crossflow radiator (2core) ready to go in when I do the JTR chevy small block swap, along with the JTR mount kit. I figure the car should be running by end of november.

(yes, there is not a single scratch or door ding on the car):cool:

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Right now the control arms are out, and I'm taking them to get sandblasted so they can be primed and painted. Here's what my assembled (and painted) strut housing looks like for the front.


I still need to enlarge the openings in the strut spindles that go on top to bolt the assembly to the strut towers. The tokiko ones are too thick for the stock openings, but I guess you already knew that since you have the same struts in your Z, right? (unless there's something I missed)


Empty hole where the rear diff used to be, I pulled that out last week to replace with the r200. I might need to get a new master cylinder too, mine seems to be very gunked up to the point beyond any sort of functionality. if I can't clean it, more $$ to be spent :( oh well, I knew what I was getting myself into.

I don't have anymore 'in action current status' shots, haven't taken my camera with me lately.

ps. they're not too terribly big, i shrunk some of the other ones so they're fairly small in size and everything's still clearly visible

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Wow great looking Z! love the black paint. Are the mags off a '81zx? I've never seen anything like them before. Only thing I'd change is the wing mirrors, the matt black just doesnt do it for me. Maybe a set of chrome ones to match the rest of the chrome (just my opinion, dont take it personally). Post some photos of the engine once it's done.

That's a great photo (the first one where you can only see half the front of the car). Actually I was wondering if I could get a larger copy of it to use as my wallpaper on my computer (around 1280x1024 pixels) as the picture is just a bit too small and get all jagged when streched to fit my screen.

If you can email it to me zed240@hotmail.com that would be great.

Keep up the good work

Mr C.

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