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"New" 73


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I broke down today and bought a '73 for parts. I have a $250 deductable and windshield to be replaced; my "new" 73 has a perfect windshield and for $300, I got it delivered.

Has a very nice 13" GT type steering wheel with Nissan badge. I'm figuring it came from one of the 90-96 300Z's. (My 77 wheel is mush).

Has 4 excellent condition black mesh BBS-style wheels w/ polished aluminum "rings". Have Z emblem on center cap.

Bonnet is perfect. I've been wanting to replace my 77 vented w/ plain bonnet. Is this a cooling issue w/ fuel injected engines?

HAS 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION:D This is a HUGE bonus, and the main reason for the purchase. Car doesn't run currently, so I'm going on blind faith the tranny is good. (Clutch has good feel, and the tranny shifted very nicely from gear to gear FWIW.)

Prev owner did not put the 5-speed in. I understand that 5 speeds were not available in 73. Am I to assume that it will "plug and play" in my 77 L28? Please say Yes.:devious:

The interior diamond-like vinyl that covers throughout is PERFECT. Will this come out easily? and if so, does anybody want it?:ermm: Body is shot, carpet is shot, engine is shot.

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5 speed would have had to come from either a 77-78 280 or a ZX in the first place, so bolting it into your 280 will be no problem. 73's only had 4 speeds.

You might want to check those wheels a little closer. I hope I'm wrong, but they almost look like those Uni-Lug wheels that required a washer behind the lug, the hole looks oblong like the uni-lug, but it looks like they have standard type mag wheel lug nuts... If they are uni-lug and don't have the right lug nuts, the holes could be trashed... they are supposed to be oblong, but not because of wear due to the wrong lug nuts being used...:ermm:

Vinyl isn't easy to remover, but it can be done if you are very careful, it all depends on how well the glue is still sticking...:cross-eye

Shouldn't have too much trouble with cooling without the vents, but most people want the vents on earlier cars, so if you wanted to sell the old hood you shouldn't have too much trouble there....

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The trans will "plug and play" to your '77.

I would like the '240Z' emblem on the rear hatch & all the other emblems if they are in very nice condition. The vinyl would be nice to have too.

BTW i like that style of wheel too.

- Jeff

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Emblems arent' in that good of shape, so you might not be interested. .:dead: Ill post pics this evening.

Upon closer inspection, the right rear wheel has been damaged. Looks like somebody tried to handle the wheel by the decorative hub, using a pipe wrench.:mad:

Oh, well. Still got the windshield, bonnet, and 5-speed:D

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