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240Z Champion Car


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Here's the link to the auction Rolf. I remembered seeing a thread in the Z Car on Ebay forum here and looked back through and found it.

You should be able to e-mail the seller through Ebay and see if he still has it. I don't think it met reserve either time it was listed.


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Thanks 2manyZ,

I followed your advice and got in touch with the seller. Would be nice to have a Z with that fine history in Europe. In the end it's depending on the price incl. transportation from the West Coast to Europe, insurances, customs and tax, that we have to pay.


God bless the troops

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To be absolutely honest Rolf, I see nothing in that cars history to make it special. It is only a Regional champion in ITS.

Here in the US the SCCA has Regional only classes and then they have National classes that are invited to the yearly SCCA Runoffs to compete with cars and drivers from all over the country. ITS has never been a National class and perhaps never will be.

It is a nice car, but it has no special racing history that I know about.

If it were a multi year champion at the SARRC invitational that it run at Road Atlanta every fall, which is the Improved Tourings unofficial "Runoffs" then it might be worthy of having a bit more of a "gilded" history. Or if it had a history of racing going back to the days of C Production or perhaps a win in a 24 endurance race it would be worthy of the praise.

Sadly, the price of 240's in SCCA ITS racing is bottoming out here in the US as the SCCA has allowed cars like the 944, 325IS and later RX-7 to compete and they have nearly made the 240 a backmarker except for a very small number of well-driven and well prepared cars that win a smaller amount of races than they have in the past. A 240 that might have sold for 10K or more in the past is now lucky to fetch 5K as the cars just can't be made competitive with the cars on the track today. It's hard to compete with 30 year old technology against cars that are only 10 years old.

My 280 was in 9th place in the Regional championship here in 1993( my first year of racing), only competing in half the races that year, so a Regional Championship is not a good judge of true caliber of the car. Every region has different numbers of competitiors in the class, and the competition is not the same across all regions. Last year I practically gave the car away just to get it out of the backyard...:disappoin

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Good to know, 2manyZ !

This is an important information and makes the relatively low offers understandable. I would like to give you a little bit more background info, if I only had your e-mail adress. I could give you mine here, but I already get so much rubbish (Singles, pills, heath advice, mortgages, interest rates ...) that I prefer not to publish it. It's a pitty, but that are the smaller evils of our linked world


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