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Yonmeri love, my 1975 240k c110 sedan

240k Style

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Been at it again today...The sun was shining so i wanted to get stuck into putting the under guard dust cover/protector/thingys (i've no idea what they're called!)

Then my Brother in law turned up and wanted a hand with his KE25 Corolla, so we had a bit of a JNC day at my place.



Now i had done a little bit of it yesterday, cleaning them up, removing those god-awful staples holding the old rubber on (they were rusted completely !!). wire wheeling the panels, and treating / painting them.

Today i fitted them to the car, and attached the rubber to them (when i wasn't painting grill and head light surrounds for a certain Corolla)

I drilled out the old holes for the staples and use that most awesome invention, ZIP TIES!




I figure it's going to be significantly easier to replace these, and they're plenty strong enough to hold the rubber in place.

The old rubber was about 2 - 2.5mm thick but i went with 3mm as it was most readily available.

I then grabbed what was left of the car and bolted her together! TA DA!!!!




Remember she is a survivor, i'm trying to help her survive (with a little bit of me aka the grill). This is not a complete restoration....yet.

I just want to get her driving and enjoy her. I'll hopefully get her onto Historic Registration in a few days.

The long term plan is to do a complete paint strip, remove rust (internally is all good so it'll be a doors close job) and a complete respray in the factory colour.

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Needed to sort out some lighting issues for Rego.

I noticed that the rear number plates weren't working, time to investigate


Oh goodie :shock:

These are the light lenses....


So it seems they've been swimming in water AND the lenses have almost perished. I've ordered new lenses but they have to come from Japan so until then I'll use what I have.

Cue music and hard work.





That should work nicely for now

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Well I made it to the show! The Skyline Nationals 2014, hosted by Classic Skylines Australia was amazing.

Personally the car ran great. After doing 280km's over 8 days since back on the road I did 450km in a day!!! Not one hiccup!!

Here's some photos of the car at the event!








The only down side was it was raining on the way up. But I managed to meet some friends and had an awesome cruise up regardless!


Now to continue to improve her. The suspension needs work so I'll get stuck in!!

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Been at it again. More parts for the Yonmeri.

The 4x4 ride height was annoying me as well as the stuffed shocks.

New parts :tu:




Getting stuck in!!


Bit lower :D



And the end result!!


The front has come down 30mm. The back 50mm!!!! Had very tall rear springs for towing.

The new springs are a thicker diameter too, so combined with the new shocks she is a real blast to drive!!

Just need to drop in my pre emissions 240Z SU's and an exhaust and you won't be able to wipe the smile from my face!!!!

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Ok made another car show. 2014 Classic Japan in Melbourne.

Managed to get some mates together and had six (yes SIX!!) 240K C110's together. I'll bet its been a LONG time since that many were together in one place in Aus.
Pity about the weather though. Heres some pics. The blue beast went great as usual, but MAN i need an EXHAUST hahaha.
The gold sedan and the white coupe managed to get registration the wednesday before the show. Fantastic effort!!!.
Can't wait till summer proper hits to go on runs with these guys!!
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Would love to cruise with you 240k guys, but 5 and a half hours drive to get to Melbourne kills it for me.

If I can get to Melbourne in the Rocket I'll be sure to hit you up on here first :)


Alternatively, if any of you make it up around Mildura way, let me know!!

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