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Yonmeri love, my 1975 240k c110 sedan

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Well, I cracked. Everyone says sedans are cool, especially Cam and Terry, but I didn't believe them. Turns out the were half right...

...I've been looking for a family cruiser for more sedate driving so a sedan would fit that bill. A good mate James located one and passed on some detail.

A week later I picked her up from western Victoria and met a lovely couple John and Shirley and their son Paul. They graciously allowed me to leave with their pride and joy.

Now John and Shirley had the car since the early 80's when their previous 240K got rolled so they needed another and bought this car off two young girls in Horsham.

The car had been used as a daily till the rego ran out in 2012!!!!!

The family sedan had been used frequently to pick up the grandchildren too, as the car is fitted with a child seat anchor, perfect for my two year old son.

So now the car is at my place, along with my hardtop coupe, and I've got to set about restoring her back to stock glory!! Dad and I did another epic road trip. Thanks again. Here are some photos.

It's a 10/1975 complianced car with a vin in the 8000 bracket. Matching numbers engine (I think) and a factory 4 speed manual! Extremely lucky. The paint is the original colour but it has been resprayed at some stage.








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Could end up that way. Wouldn't that be sick. Rock up to track events in a Yonmeri towing a Kenmeri on a trailer!!!

Changed out the right side tail light assembly as the reverse lense was stuffed. When the garnish came off half the nullabor fell out!! So much dust!!


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Some rust in the lower guards, and the doors have some pin holes, but apart from the there's a little surface rust in places which is easy fix. Looks like the passenger guard will need a new lower section so I'll change it for the moment.

Floors and boot are almost perfect!!! A little bit of water say under the spare wheel causing the colour. I've wire brushed it and treated the surface rust already. No holes!! I've got good front seats I'll use from my

Kenmeri project.

It's a factory 4 speed!! So happy





There was a factory jack and tool kit in the boot too.

Thinking of using these 280zx rims on it.


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Are you going to drive the red rocket across to shepparton for the nationals?

That would be a cool event to attend, and funny you ask coz my daughter was asking if we could go......this is after we bought a 81 280zx for her :P She thinks it would be fun to blast around a racetrack in her car, get this, nicknamed 'Zena'.

I should do a little post for the 280, it was a really good buy. Requires a few grand in rust repairs but mostly cosmetic, and we have 18 months before she can even get her P's so shouldn't hurt too much :)

The ZX lived in Berwick, SE Melbourne since the early nineties I think, used to have personalised plates 'WICKED'.

Anybody remember this car?

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Ok the seats need help, but I actually have some good seats ready to go from the coupe which i'll put in.

New carpet has been ordered. New rad hoses and fuel hoses have been ordered.

I have prices of new springs (25-44mm lower) to replace the mismatched set. New shocks are being organised as well.

Things are progressing well, i'm having to do a switch around with the coupe to get the wheels off to replace the brake hoses and repack the bearings and bleed the brakes. I have finned drum brake covers to go on as well.

Sadly the paint is terrible. It's been repainted and done very poorly with not much paint on the body, so a light sand back is out of the question. I'll just try to polish it up and see how it goes until i can get the pinholes fixed, i'll get the paint matched from the underside of the boot and get it entirely repainted.

Exciting times.....considering turning the coupe into a race car for some fun

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That would be a cool event to attend, and funny you ask coz my daughter was asking if we could go......this is after we bought a 81 280zx for her :P She thinks it would be fun to blast around a racetrack in her car, get this, nicknamed 'Zena'.

You need to come. Should be a blast!

And LOVE the name!!'

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Ok had a peek under the old girl. Looks really clean. A few dents from a country life but no rust!!!


Looks like I'll only need to change a few rubber boots/seals and a general tidy up for roadworthy. I might change the flex brake lines though as they look a bit old.

On a plus note it's got the better brake option of the sumitomo twin piston calipers which is nice. I think these can be modded to take a vented disc later on


Even the discs and pads are fairly new. The rear drums seem ok but the hand brake is sticking so I'll look into that. I have some finned drum covers for the back too.

Best get moving, November 1 is approaching !

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Not much progress as I've been really crook.

Managed to crawl outside for a couple of hours and got stuck in


Took the complete read end apart and re cleaned it (I was lazy first time).

Polished the lenses of the tail lights using novus plastic polish. That stuff it amazing!!!

I wet sanded the tail light panel with 1200 and then polished the whole thing inc chrome with various products. The paintwork is quite sad so I think this may be as good as it gets without being resprayed.

I treated the bar as best as I could then polished, but that too needs to be rechromed.

At the moment I want this car to be a survivor car, not restored so I'll do what I can to keep her ticking along.

The only exception is some rims and a tad lower. I'm buying these off a mates car so they should look great. The price was one that I couldn't refuse.

Mates Yonmeri


The wheels are by Black Racing in Japan. They're full alloy and 15x6.5j +40 so the fit is about right. His car hasn't been modded track wise so they'll go fine.


I have new front shocks on order and a new one piece carpet on the way too.

Just need to kick this damn flu!!!

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I never intended to buy a 4 door but it is really growing on me now.

I've been getting stuck into the front brakes and grill area when I bumped the car and dust came out of from under the passenger guard. This guard needs repairs, so the dust was a worry. I pulled the guard and found this.




Now I was scared!!!!! I got in there expecting the worst, waiting to see the Swiss cheese


So very lucky!!! I'll clean and treat that and all good!

This is how much dirt came out. 3tonne stand as a size reference


So I tapped on the drivers side and got this


Here we go again........



Very lucky. Glad I checked now and not later on.

Also carpet arrived. Is about to go into the car


Seems like things are finally falling into place

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An absolutely MASSIVE day today!

Got stuck in with dad and got a bit done. This car was a country car and it showed.

So the underside of the car was wire brushed and cleaned and using compressed air the crap was blown out. It was incredible

About a 1/4 of the way in


From this...


To this!!!!


All this dust came from the RH side of the crossmember alone! A bent coat hanger was used to pull it out and a vacuum and air compressor helped!


Found time to replace the broken aerial with a aftermarket one which needed modding


And managed to choose, repair and clean two seats. Replace the glovebox and reroute some wiring to basically finish the interior. I'll get the bases redone soon hopefully. Black wool covers will work for the moment.


On top of all that rebuilt the back drums by stealing from my KHGC110 coupe (which is getting rear disc conversion) and bled the brakes.

I'm stuffed !!!!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Been a little while since last update, but have been busy.

I got the Yon back onto her wheels after address the brakes and changing the rear shoes. I wheeled her outside so I could finish treating the rust under the guards and then get cracking with painting, as there is less than a month till the event i'm trying to be ready for, the Skyline Nationals.

I got stuck into more cleaning under the car while I was at it. The end result is a massive improvement, but I will bare metal the car in a few years.




I also got stuck into the actual guards, the passenger side guard on the car is sadly in need of repairs which I don't have time to do but I do have a spare. Its GREEN!!! that won't do at all.

I wire wheeled and treated the guards and then painted them black to seal them.


Then I set about treating the boot while I waited.



I got some original factory Datsun 169M colour made up in pressure pack rattle cans for the guards, so tried it here in the boot first


The black undercoat made it a bit silver-ish.

So back to the green guard, time to undercoat and then top and clear coats.



I'm VERY happy how that turned out considering its the first time I've painted car panels AND it was a spray can job!!

I also messed around with the grill too.




So here is how she is right now. A few little things left to do, but I\m so much closer than I was a week ago. Thanks for reading and for the encouragement so far!


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Been at it again today...The sun was shining so i wanted to get stuck into putting the under guard dust cover/protector/thingys (i've no idea what they're called!)

Then my Brother in law turned up and wanted a hand with his KE25 Corolla, so we had a bit of a JNC day at my place.



Now i had done a little bit of it yesterday, cleaning them up, removing those god-awful staples holding the old rubber on (they were rusted completely !!). wire wheeling the panels, and treating / painting them.

Today i fitted them to the car, and attached the rubber to them (when i wasn't painting grill and head light surrounds for a certain Corolla)

I drilled out the old holes for the staples and use that most awesome invention, ZIP TIES!




I figure it's going to be significantly easier to replace these, and they're plenty strong enough to hold the rubber in place.

The old rubber was about 2 - 2.5mm thick but i went with 3mm as it was most readily available.

I then grabbed what was left of the car and bolted her together! TA DA!!!!




Remember she is a survivor, i'm trying to help her survive (with a little bit of me aka the grill). This is not a complete restoration....yet.

I just want to get her driving and enjoy her. I'll hopefully get her onto Historic Registration in a few days.

The long term plan is to do a complete paint strip, remove rust (internally is all good so it'll be a doors close job) and a complete respray in the factory colour.

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