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Hello from Northern Cal!


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Hello guys! Names Richie, I'm from the sf Bay Area. I've always found good info on the site and finally decided to dive in and contribute when I can. Anyways, I currently own a 1970, and a 1972 S30 vin #hls30-06302 and s30-08925. I've always found the original z car to be a beautiful machine, I've always been a Nissan guy so it was gonna happen eventually.post-30389-14150828270052_thumb.jpg Hopefully I'll add another to the family soon. Thanks for the great community on the forum and support for the cars, glad to be a member.


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Thanks for the welcome guys! Very nice looking car you got there Mark, right kind of work done IMO. Do you ever go to local meets Julio? My blue 240 came from Napa a little over a year ago and was basically a shell, bought it cheap, I have done a lot of work on it since then, I have a semi-build thread on my IG (Instagram). My main plan with it is to daily it and enjoy it for what it is, it's not too rusty and is a decent car to grow with. The Fairlady I picked up late last year from Indiana, was being sold as a Datsun fairlady for parts. It's really rough but my intention is a full factory spec restoration on her. She's all complete so it would be a shame to do something crazy with her. Type L as well so the rally clock and 5 speed and all that good stuff included.





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My car is mostly a weekend driver, but I plan to display it again this year at Burlingame's "Cars in the Park" on Saturday July 25th along with my neighbor's 240Z and my buddy's 1097 Capri. There are usually over 200 cars of all types.

Below are pics from last year. Love to have you come by to chat. If your car's running, bring it to the show!





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Thanks for the welcome LeonV, I enjoy them, the fairlady is definitely a project, gonna be awhile till I get to it, but it runs so I'll bring to shows and stuff once I'm able to, I've never seen a rat style fairlady before so it will stay this way until I can afford to properly restore it. I will plan to come out to the event Julio! I would love to meet more Datsun people, I'll more than likely bringing ol blue, it's a daily, so it's capable of trips

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I must say i've never seen factory air that had the dryer next to the compressor like that. it looks like a rotary compressor. You couldn't mount one of those boat anchor piston units under the intake manifold.

All of the compressors that i've seen on early 240's in the states have the older style piston design

like in this photo.


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