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which of those is the 240K compressor


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I bought 4 types from the DATSUN dealer

27630-S2112 , model SWP 123 2 AB ( inner base length 102 mm )

27630-N4202 , model SWP 123 4 GB ( inner base lengh 85 mm )

27630-Q0100 , model MJ 123 4 BA ( inner base lengh 85 mm )

27630-Q1491 , model SWP 167 4 T ( inner base lengh 85 mm )

wanna share the photo , and know which is for the 240K

N4202 left and Q0100 right


info plates



this is the Q1401


all the above three has 85 mm inner base length


this is the S2112 which I doupt that it is the one



has 102 mm inner base length


hope that u know all the model

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