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Caffeine & Octane - November 2013 Edition


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It was another great day for Caffeine & Octane in the Atlanta area today. There were several Classic ZCar Club members in attendance including Pete Thomas, Pat Carr, Joe Travis, and Hodge. Aside from a great turnout of S30s, including two fantastic examples restored by Chet Whittel, the Cannonball Run Mercedes made an appearance. Pete is a minor celebrity now since the film crew for C&O interviewed him and took many pictures and lots of video of his car for their monthly feature.

If you are in the Atlanta area, you really should try to come out. C&O is a show unlike any other.

Caffeine and Octane ? November 2013 Edition (295 pictures) | Steve's CARtography

Enjoy the pictures.







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Nice pics Steve. Thanks again for holding the spots so damn early so we can all line up.

Here's a few of the Mercedes that broke the NY to LA speed record. Car was fresh off the truck. They flew back and had it shipped. Got a chance to talk to them for a bit. A perfect setup in terms of traffic, weather, 3 drivers and use of a ****load of technology. They said that being able to process all the data was key to the trip. This is something prior attempts haven't had. Interviews on Today Show and CNN scheduled for tomorrow.

Atlanta man shatters coast-to-coast 'Cannonball Run' speed record - CNN.com

They said they'd been even faster but AmEX shut down a credit card because of buying so much gas in random cities. Check out the extra fuel cells. 60gals extra I think.

Big crowds around these guys today... even with rows of Lambos, Ferarris, Bentleys, McLarens, yada yada yada...all nearby. They've also got a ton of complaint letters. Go figure.





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I think the best part is to see how many S30s there are hiding around the greater Atlanta area.

Totally agree...

Here's a few more group shots. Great fall colors today.



Check out the original paint in my engine bay and the comparison original green paint all over.


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