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280z worm gear orientation


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Hey guys, i'm working on a 77 280z that I just got the longblock back from the rebuilder. Problem is, they didn't put the front cover back on, so I don't know which way the worm gear goes on. Does the bevel side go on facing in or out? I assume that the big dished washer goes on the outside with the depression facing the worm gear? I'm stuck till I get this resolved, then I hope to get it up and running by the weekend! Thanks

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I have pulled engines apart where the worm gear was installed the other way by the PO.......The engine ran fine reversed. I don't think it matters other than the bevel end doesn't provide as much contact with the oil slinger. Just my guess.

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Thanks guys. I was wondering if it made much of a difference, but it looks like the teeth started differently in relation to the keyway so I wanted to make sure. Thanks for the link, I'll definetly be double checking the machine shops chain install.

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