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Where to buy Tokico Blues?


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That is my understanding. I have a used set, and underneath the 3012 and 3013 part number decals is what looks like the original Tokico part number 3038. One of the press-fit spacers fell off also, that's how I know they're not permanent. Since the gland nut is part of the package specific to the car, I think that Tokico takes 3038 shocks from their stock, presses a spacer on to the 3013 shocks, then puts the proper gland nut in the box and the package becomes either a 3012 or 3013 stock number. The 3012 or 3013 decal goes on the shock tube to avoid consumer confusion. Take a look at your rear shocks and see if they're still using a decal. Look for 3038 underneath. That would be one more verification of what I've seen.

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Well this all makes perfect sense, I mean it's just a cartridge. The images for both the 3013 and 3012 are identical everywhere I can find them, and the 3038 is about the same as well. I ended up ordering the last two 3013's available on Amazon just in case last night. I'm just going to call Tokico's LA office and see if they can verify if this is all correct. If so, thanks a bunch, saved me a good chunk of change! And, the Z is one step closer to resurrection!

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Good luck. Come back with whatever you find out. Word is that you won't find anyone at Tokico to talk to since they're under new ownership and don't have their distribution figured out yet. John Coffey probably knows but may be tired of talking about Tokico. They're messed up.

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