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You bought that car for a grand what sucker did you con for that car. I looked at the wheels and I want slotted ones but there kind of hard to find. Eric at Zparts .com has a nice pair but if I'm going to keep my new 14s the wheels he has are14x7 and thtires wont fit so I am back to the drawing boards. I didn't see any Americans that fit 14 width wheels and are slotted I'll look again.

Talk to you soon and by the way my first z was a 71 in 72 and it was that blue you have with a blue interior. Loved and adored that car and it rusted completely before my eyes. Still think that's the nicest color they produced.


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If a set of used slots is what you want, take a look at this auction. The price is only up to 150 for the set, and they are 14x6 so the tires you have should fit fine...

Only thing is it will take a little "elbow grease" to polish them up, but that is fairly easy with the right polish....


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I spoke with the guy he doesn't have the center caps or lugs and doesn't know the manufacturer or offset. I don't know polishing is one thing no center caps and trying to find them is another. Do me a favor tell me what you think of these wheels on ebay #2404247085 he also took other pictures download if you can DCP00503.zip for more pics.


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I have some slotted mags on my parts car. They are in pretty good shape all they need is the snap on caps in the middle.

you can see them at


just look at the parts car.

I got that 280z from a kid didn't know what the car was. He saw my 240z stopped me and told me he had to pay some tickets and said he would sell me the car for $1000. The clutch wasn't working so he thought it had transmisson problems. i bled the clutch and presto. I was looking for another Z so i could begin my resto of my

240. I gave him the money 2 days later after i saw it.:D

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Yup, MSA does have the center caps, both the push in and bolt on, $6.95 each.....

Burt, as far as the other wheels, they look great, if you can get them for less than 450 for the set, all the better.

Those are the only ZX wheels that look good on an earlier Z in my opinion.

Personally, my first choice will always be the Panasports. MSA does have them in a 14x6 so that would suit your car perfectly.

Guess it's all a matter of personal taste, everyone's idea of the "perfect" wheel will never be the same.:ermm:

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saw the 280ZX wheels they are alright with the right look on a car.

but he wants a lot for them.

hell if you want those ill sell you a set of five, though i only have two polished for 200.

they are not a bad wheel but i dont think they look to good on a Z.

fstr240Z, good catch on the 280 for a grand though those wheels no offense are:sick: heh i never did like that they wanted to make truck wheels for the Z LOL.

id only use them if i had too.

good luck with whatever you decide there burt.

hope that you find what your looking for.


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This email is for the following individuals and any of the other people that have been involved in helping me make a decision on what I should do about the wheels and tires. You see I'm obsessive and obsessive people can't make there mind up. So I need you folks to push me along

Fstr240 Zmefly 2manyZs

This is what I'm asking you but first allow me to tell you that it seems as if alot of you think very highly of the panasports. I would consider them if I didn't change the tires because they are new pretty inexpensive and come in a 14x6 with 0 offset. Although I must tell you that slotted wheels I think look better on Z cars. The problem with that is that the slotted mags are not readily available and I would have to go to a bigger tire and then buy wheels from one of you guys and get the caps. You may have wheels in 14x6 in slotted but you know how it is the car is cherry should I start with the polishing and all of that tedious effort and they still won't be perfect. I want a wheel that I can hit the curb with first and screw it up. The panasports don't come in polished aluminum there painted. I don't know I think the polished look is better and chrome is to much contrast.

Anyway if you gentleman were in my position and you had a car like mine that really is quite nice and silver. Would you go for larger tires and then have a better selection of slotted wheels. Or would you attemp to keep the car somewhat original leave the same tires on get the panasports. Will there be such a distinct difference in the way the car holds the road and looks with bigger tires.

Those are my issues and I'm insane.

please respond

Burt:stupid: :sick: :alien:

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I have always liked the look of wider tires

and I am biased towards them.

However that is probably the method I'll

use on the 240z

But on my 280z which i plan to keep looking the way it is..(at least when it comes to tire size)(not the stock p185s either, the P215's siut me as a wide tire fanatic)

I probably am going to put my either my slotted mags on there or look for some other mags. I know what they look like but I don't know what they are called.

Anyway for the stock wheel well look I

definitely prefer a lots of vintage mags

over the panasports.

I'm after rereading my message i don't think i've helped much :( OH NO! what am I gonna do when I am looking for wheels for my 280


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and concidering you have a silver car i think these enkies i had shown you before would look really nice.


they also just now it seems have a set of 14x7 polished slotted wheels, the ar kidney style with Z center caps for sale now, they look really good in the pic too.

heres the link, if your wanting to keep a set of slots on your car then i would say these are quite nice.


Eric is also willing to haggle a little on the price too, so you may get them a bit cheaper.

good luck james

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I think you'll like them 205/60R14 cause they will look close to stock, and i think that is what u want. My 215/60R14 look pretty wide from behind the car, i don't know if you will like that.

My 280z has 215/60 R14 and they don't look as wide as on my 240z, they kinda look stock.

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Zmefly and fstr240z

Hey how you guys doing. Got your emails. Eric's wheels were sold I spoke with him. I bid on a set of slotteds on that stinkin ebay and I was high bidder. When I went back to the auction 5 minutes before the end they had already cut the auction off and I lost. They are thieves. Well anyway 205 60 14 sound good now I just have to find wheels. Let me know if you know anyone selling nice slotted ones with o offset.

Thanks for all your help


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