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73 240 parts fs


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im installing a sbcin my 73 andim currently sellig the parts

make offer of will acept tradefor some interior parts

motor and automatic transmission , evertihngminus intake and exhuast, dont know how many mile on it but the head look to have been off and rebuilt.

exhaust header, looks to be a 3-2-1 type

2 carb with linkage andsync tool. i dont know much bout them.

this car had a/c on it, but it looks to be a add on type, if any one instrested let me know an ill include, the controls, a/c box, condenser, dryer, and comperssor

aslo selling the fastory auto shifter, or will trade for a manual shift boot and or console,

and a auto pedal assy will trade for standard pedal assy.

make offer on these part cause i dont know what most of this stuff is worth, but i had to trow this stuff in the trash.

pics will be up later on today.

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yea i still got all the parts, make me and offer on this stuff and let me know your zip so i can check on shipping.

also if you got any other parts that you would be willing to trade that might be best,

right know iwould trade for

standad pedal assy

standad console with boot

r200 with 3.9 or 4.1 gear

matching set of door panels

decant 240 dash minus the guages

decent set of window cranks

rh window regulator

it would work best if i could worh a trade instead of cash.

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I will pay 25$ for dash plus shipping. Zip is 29625. If I had the parts to trade, would be glad to....am waiting to hear from someone in MD that has a parts car...have to wait and see what he has before I can do any trading. This is my first restoration so my parts are very limited. Just let me know.

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yea im thinking bout takeing them off, t be honest there no in the best of shape, but there not rusted out, the rubbers misssing in some places and got some dents, but nothing a bumper shop couldnt fix.

sorry i dont have pics of the bumpers right now

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