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Betty Stopped working


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I took my 83 to the shop to get the heater core repaired. They had to remove the dash to get at it. Now Betty has s stopped working. She doesn't even try - no noise coming from the spare tire area. Even when I had no radio I could here her back there clicking. New stereo and had her working good before dash removed and replaced. Stereo works great and center speaker works fine. Any ideas where to look - what to check? Thanks in advance! BigBird:)

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First, download a copy of the FSM. Use the EL section for references.

Check all of the connectors coming through the firewall into the passenger compartment. EL-112 shows the locations of the connectors.

If all of the connections are good (colors match & inserted properly), verify you have 12 VDC on each side of your fusible links (provided the car is stock). Refer to EL-5 & EL-6.

Next check your fuses by pulling them out one-by-one and measuring them with an ohmmeter.

Finally, if you are close enough, I can come help.

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Steve is un-aware of what the "Betty" reference is. It's that little voice that tells you "your door is open"etc in a zx.

There is a record player (really) in the passenger side strut tower (one of the towers) with pre-recorded sound bites that gets played through the stereo.

Something is just not plugged in. Start hunting for loose connections under the dash in the radio area.

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Someone should record Bitching Betty with all the things she says for posterity unless one of them is "you just crashed". The 85 ZX I had talked too. Her favorite was "fuel level is low". Even though it would not be period correct I have thought of hiding a Bitching someone or other who would play that "ahh" sound a Mac computer makes when it is booting up when I open the car door. Or maybe there are other possibly humorous possibilities?

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