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  1. I took my 83 to the shop to get the heater core repaired. They had to remove the dash to get at it. Now Betty has s stopped working. She doesn't even try - no noise coming from the spare tire area. Even when I had no radio I could here her back there clicking. New stereo and had her working good before dash removed and replaced. Stereo works great and center speaker works fine. Any ideas where to look - what to check? Thanks in advance! BigBird:)
  2. The radio is already on the work table. I have the 8 pin (speaker) harness figured out. I have no clue what to do with the 5 pin connector wires. The diagram only shows 2 of them. I'll be more specific. I got a black wire, a green wire, a green/yellow wire, a red wire with a white stripe, and a blue wire. Also, trying to keep power antenna switch, but this looks like three wire harness which can stay. THANKS in advance for any advice you can provide!!
  3. Hey Y'all! This is my first post. Please forgive me if this has been asked and asked. I have been searching for the wiring diagram for the OEM radio in my '83 zx. I can find the one for the non-GL, but no luck finding the one for my car. I am replacing the 30 year old worn out unit with a new aftermarket system. I plan to cut the old harness and reconnect. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, BB