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Z running a little hot..(Why?)


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A little background: '73 240Z, '81 L28 with dual SU carbs, headers, 4-core radiator. Has run the same temp for over a year, needle dead center between the 'E' and 'M' on the temp gauge.

My Z recently started running a little warmer than normal. Just a millimeter or two right on the temp gauge but enough to notice. Now I do have a bit of an oil leak but this should not affect the temp should it? I have been dealing with this oil leak for over a year now and never has the temp came off dead center before. Radiator is new, well last year anyway. Water pump is new, topped off the coolant. Its like just enough to but you, alot!

Any ideas here? What would make a Z start running a few degrees hotter?

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Cliff, I had the same problem, but it also acted up in the winter as well. It too did run a little warmer when the timeing was off. After that it ran a bit cooler. That's just my two cents on the matter:D

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