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  1. 1971 240 Z for sale 25 miles south of Riverside , California. A lot of work has been done to this car in the past three years but a heart attack 23 June forces sale. Trying for 5,ooo dollars. It is probably worth it. Cliff Elford 909-672-0596. Sun City , Calif.
  2. Thank you a bunch for the ideas. The gears and teeth look good, no wear shows, no cracks. The oil was clean , no metal particles. I suppose the bearings are at the three points where the drive shafts meet. Right? Are there other bearings between those points? I do have an old repair manual that will answer those questions I suppose. Would changing all the bearings and seals be a job I can do in the garage or are there special tools needed to remove pressed on seals, bearings, and such? Where would these new bearings and seals be available?How about a torque wrench for reassembly? An absolute necessity? Once this thing is taken apart can a complete novice put it all back together again? Thanks. I appreciate your input.
  3. The original Differential in my 71 240 was very loose and noisy so I purchased a different differential from a wrecking yard that is nice and tight. The drive and shifting improved dramatically but the darn thing really has a loud howl as I proceed down the road. Can anyone tell me if there are many things that can cause this howl or one thing that maybe I can correct myself. The noise was bad enough that I changed back to the old diff. I have not yet tried to take it apart . Any ideas? thanks.
  4. Gas, oil and filters is about it for me. My big expence is the high test gas at the pump. cliff
  5. Hmsport: I would like a price on the signal switch. Mine has been apart so many times I am afraid it will not take much more abuse. If the price is right I would like to have another {better} one. Thanks. cliff. celford52@mchsi.com
  6. Sorry about your trouble. I suggest you very carefully remove the turn signal assembly and dive in with both thumbs. That is what I did and was lucky enough to discover the problem when my turn signal started tossing out the wrong commands. Go for it. That is the way to learn about these beasts. Oh,yes, disconnect the battery first. Cliff
  7. I like XYZ's suggestion re: Latest Discussions. PS,Thanks for your help, Mike. Cliff
  8. I think it ain't a 240, I'm a purist, mostly.:sleep:
  9. I asked an upholstery shop owner in my area of California for an estimate for my two seats {240} . He wanted $400.00 for the two of them. After sales tax. Said he would use thick, long wearing material. cliff
  10. Gentlemen: Thank you for the input. I have decided to replace the water pump without that bolt installed. New coolent and a can of Bars Leak along with a few prayers. I think it work just fine. {hope, hope} cliff.
  11. Haynes says to seat them then back off about 3/4 turn.
  12. Problem: The water pump bolt {one of five} that bolts on at the 10 o'clock position {71 Z} has broken off deep inside the block. Why is this bolt 3 1/2 long? Is this length necessary to get past the aluminum block? Is the block not aluminum? Has anyone had the experience of drilling this bolt out at this depth? Is it possible to tap the hole as it enters the block and installing a new shorter, fatter bolt in the new tapped threads? I am looking for enough pressure to keep the gasket from leaking, {or blowing out altogether} the first time I drive through Baker, California when the temp outside reaches 120 degrees. Right now there is no leak because I applied a bit more pressure than I normally would to install the new water pump. Is there any chance that block sealer used with the new coolent would help keep that gasket stronger? Novice that I am I hate to try to dig that old bolt out myself. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, cliff
  13. After giving it more thought I remember solving that very problem on my 71 by increasing the mixture screw on each carb by one half turn. It stopped sputtering and the shifting in heavy traffic improved mightely. The car was running too lean to properly "take off" from a dead stop, especialy if it was stop and go traffic. cliff
  14. Please define sputtering. My 71 sputtered at idle when the mixture was too lean or a plug was bad or the timing was off. Low octane gasoline at times caused that also, I feel. How about the points? For that matter how about a tune up? In any event have fun! cliff.
  15. A few days ago I was reading about some one who wanted to change their shifter bushings. Some one suggested the bushings be purchased before starting the job. I plan on changing my shifter bushings but I wonder if having the part number would help me. Can some one supply me with those part numbers for a 71 240Z 4 speed? A second question might be: Are these paticular part numbers necessary when ordering from the local Nissan Dealer? cliff
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