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Help! Need Automatic Transmission cooling pipes needed!


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I have all the parts I need to convert my daily driver 280z from 5 speed to Automatic transmission except for high & low pressure cooling "tube/pipe" that run between left side of trans to bottom of radiator. If anyone has them,

please call or text me at 310 308 8985. I am in L. A. Area.

They are not even on Ebay as pretty much everyone through away Automatic transmission parts after converting to Manual transmission.:disappoin

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like you mentioned. I think everyone throws them away.

Your probaby a loner doen a reverse conversion. My I ask why you are changing the 5spd for an auto?

You might be better off making new ones. The originals often rub against each other an becaome very thin to the point where they can leak and thats 35 years of rubbing.

Goodluck with the swap


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I might have some in the future - don't know when so it's not much help. My aluminum 3-row has AN fittings welded on for the trans lines, thinking of going with the steel braided hydraulic hose (with the cloth braided cover) from the trans to the radiator to eliminate leaks. Got some other projects first, though.

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