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Rim research for my 1978 280Z


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Hello, I’m doing some research in order to get some new rims.

• My current setup is: 4 lug, 15” X 8”

• My current tires: 195/70R 14

What brand or company might you recommend the most?

Can anyone tell me what kind of rims are on this car here (I like this style):


Here’s a pic of my car right now… After I get the new rims on there do you think I can get any money for these old ones? Maybe 25 bucks each or is that too low?


Big Thanks,


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Rewinds, in graphite - awesome choice. MSA carries them in various sizes.

Motorsport! Konig Rewind Graphite 15x7 Wheel Kit, 70-85 Z/ZX - The Z Store! Nissan-Datsun 240Z-260Z-280Z-280ZX-300ZX(Z31/Z32)-350Z-370Z Parts

I would happily pay you 100 bucks for that set of wheels plus the shipping if you really want to sell them. I want to get rid of my turbines - one of them slow leaks. Those slot mags often sell for around 200 bucks a set on eBay.

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Your current setup is much more likely 14X6 wheels. Otherwise, I'm not sure how you fit 14" tires on 15" rims! I agree with the rest that those look like 15" Konig Rewinds.

As for wheel pricing, I've sold 3 sets of 5-slot mags, with the 14X6 sets selling for $200 and the 14X7 for $250.

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Thanks everyone. Allow me to ask my mechanic on Monday exactly what my wheel setup is. I certainly don't want to order the wrong thing.

Virto, I'll keep you updated. Do my current rims have a specific name or brand that you know of?

It's pretty common to order these and have them shipped, right? I mean, the odds of finding them locally (in a small city) I would imagine are pretty slim?

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I went to Discount Tire today and ordered those Rewinds. They had to order them but I should be able to get those installed next week. My car is gonna look sweet.

After I get that done, I’ll look to sell my old rims.


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