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Datsun Competition 5 Speed

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That looks very much like what I have. There should be quite a bit of info about this in the archives. Steel syncros are preferred over bronze ones. "It's off a 1970 he had" - not a 1970 240Z. That's from the competition parts catalog.

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It is not only the Type "B" shifter - it is a two piece case - ie a Type "B" tranny. The only way to know that it is a Close Ratio Competition box - is to take it apart and look at the gears and synchro's. I suppose one could count input/output rotations in each gear and at least get close to a picture of each gear ratio... but that is easier to say than do accurately.

If it is a Close Ratio Competition box - then it should sell quickly at $1500.00. But for that kind of money - I'd pull it apart before I left the seller..


Carl B.

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Yes 26th is right... I was trying to clarify that the car it was mounted on was a 1970 and it wasn't a 1970 transmission. He did mention that he was willing to show the unput/output rotations, as Carl mentioned. Oh he also mentioned it turns freely and that it had a few thousand miles on it. I don't know how accurate, but he said there were only a handful in the States. Sorry I forgot to omit this info... that's what I get for posting so late!

I didn't take a look at it, I probably should have but I don't know if it would have made any difference. He did show me his Z however and he turned it into a Ferrari body kit and was putting in a Ford V8. Friendly and very helpful guy, I told him about this forum and also he said he'd like to go to next years Z Con in San Diego.

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