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New 70-72 front bumper on Ebay...rare?


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Rare isn't the correct term. Low volume yes. That is an early 70-72 variety and looks to be pretty near perfect.

If you want a new one, actually a Stainless steel reproduction, search for "Stainless Steel bumpers" or "Harrington group" here to find the related theads, or search for "harrington group bumpers" on ebay to find them there. Outstanding quality and service in my experience. Worth every penny in the long run.

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Polished Stainless Steel is very nice - but not "original". So if "original" matters and the price doesn't go too high - this one looks like it could be a very good deal. I've seen Front bumpers that needed to be re-chromed, but were otherwise straight and free of dents sell for $350.00 or more in the past. It cost about $375.00 to have one re-chromed around here..

I haven't tried to order a New bumper from Nissan lately - it seems the last time I checked they were NLA for the 70-72 cars.


Carl B.

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I can justify $200+ as Carl said it best. Bumpers that are just in decent shape sell for good coin. Properly rechromed and restored bumpers sell for big $. I paid over $600 shipped for a matching front and rear bumper set that came off of a 240z that had been turned in to a race car very early in its life. The bumpers are a 7 out of 10 in my opinion and would make any owner proud to have them on their Z. I won't be putting them on my Z until I get it painted way later down the road. Even if I were to sell my car I don't think I would sell the bumpers as they are just getting too hard to find in really good shape.

The Harrington group bumpers are very nice but as I brought up in another thread, I wish they would make the correct bumperettes for them so they looked much more original for US spec cars. I had been in talks with them to see what it would take to produce them but I do not have a set of good condition bumperettes to send them without some guarantee I would get them back.

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