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Has anyone gotten a Survivor Collector Car Certification?


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I have heard that cars in that category are gaining more attention and that this might be a desirable certification without going to the expense of a full restoration.

I was wondering whether any of you had gotten the certification, considered it but declined, or are currently considering it.

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Who would one get such a "Certification" from? At car shows that have a Survivor Class - one might get a Blue Ribbon or 1st Place trophy. But Certification?

On the subject of market prices - near perfect original's will bring as much or more than a near perfect restoration. When the condition is somewhat less than near perfect - then the values are far harder to pin down. Each less than near perfect car has to be judged by itself by both the buyer and seller..

What I see is that most serious Collectors - are very very nit-picky. They will pay top dollar for perfection - and any imperfection drives them crazy. When they get a slightly less than perfect "survivor" - its imperfections can't be tolerated for long. So they wind up correcting the imperfections.. and then they no longer have a "survivor".

The buyers that will appreciate a less then perfect "survivor" and who will leave them as they are, imperfections and all - aren't the buyers that will spend insane money. Matter of fact they don't like to spend much more than average money.

LIke almost any item that become collectible - Condition is everything.


Carl B.

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So I'm supposed to pay a for-profit company to have my car "certified" as a survivor? I see no benefit to this process to anyone beyond the guy who got paid. I can't imagine that the resale value of my car would be any greater with this certification. I see it as an answer to a question that no one is asking. Those who are most concerned with the "survivor-ness" of a 240Z—hard-core Datsun enthusiast/collectors—are already able to determine whether a car is restored, refreshed or is a survivor.

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