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New in the north

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Hi, new member here from Edmonton, AB.

After 10 years or so in the world of water cooled VW projects, I've switched gears and have fallen for the Z.

I've found a basket case that I'm going to get in over my head on! Not sure of the exact year yet, but it is definitely an early 70s 240Z. Currently non-running, been parked for at least 2 years. I drive past it a few times a week, and it's always caught my eye. Now, after selling my previous VW project, I have room in the garage to load this thing up.

I'm going to have a close look this weekend, and will have a trailer with me. From what I can tell, it's not too rusty, the pan and underside appear pretty solid, body has minimal rust showing. Engine appears complete, as does the rest of the drivetrain. Interior is all there, minus the seats. Needs a headlight bucket and front bumper, have some things in mind for that.

Will post pics and a full report once I get it home.

So am I nuts? Probably...


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You have lots of support here in Canada... Jim Karst is someone who can help you out on the forum and for advice,parts and service. He is in Calgary.

There is also a great Z nut in Red Deer too on this forum... Dan Wells.

Join a local Zcar club... I think Edmonton's may still be active, Calgary's is for sure.

If you are ever in the Atlantic provinces let us know at the AtlanticZ car club!


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Good to know there's people somewhat local to me.

Right now I'm in the gathering info phase. Once I check the car out, I'll know exactly what I'm up against. Wifey thinks I'm nuts, but she has said that on every previous project! Of course, all of those started with a car that runs.

This will definitely be a challenge, but it will also be fun. And educational!

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Welcome, Dan

Blue is without doubt Canada's most 'connected' Z car nut and a heck of a nice guy.

I hope you find this site helpful in your efforts to rehabilitate the Z. If you can't find the answer to a problem in the forums, just ask....I've found members are very willing to help.Also, it's a pretty good source for parts.

Should you ever drive East to NB please look me up.



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Super Dan - welcome to the wonderful disease that is the Z car. I am in the midst of restoring 2 1971 240Zs and have found this site invaluable - the folks here are always willing to share their knowledge, give opinions and advice. I have recently dealt with Jim Karst from Calgary - a great guy that had exactly the parts I required.

We have an active Z Car club in Ontario, so if ever in the area, let me know.



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Thanks guys!

When I first came across this nutty idea, parts sourcing was my biggest concern. In looking around here, I've found links to some many places, that I'm not concerned at all now. Of course having said that, I'm sure I'll find a few things that are pure unobtanium!

Once I actually get the car in my garage, I'll be sure to post up pics and plans.

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