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Rebuild kit for 280ZX 5 speed recommendations


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The nut has been replaced by 32354-E9803 (left hand thread). You should be able to get that no problems. I used it in my trnamission, couldnt see any difference from the original.


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Yno problem, Dont know why they didnt figure that out themselves? I went to my local nissan dealer with that same p/n: and he gave me the new one, said it would fit no problems and it did:classic:

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Wow, Thats wierd. I ordered the same part nr. and its absolutly left hand thread. Even says it on the delivery docket in dutch (Linkse draad). It costs €5.87 here.

I can ask our dealer if he can check the part nr again. Ordering one here and sending it over would be expensive with shipping costs on top. But if you really need it, I could order one.


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Hi Tamo,

Just home from work and searched around my loft for the old nut and bag the new one came in. Its the same part number and mine is left hand threaded.

I took some photo's of the old nut and the label.

If you need one I could order it and send it over. Its 22mm high which means it should go as letter material (Fits in mail box) and only cost about €3.00 shipping.

Let me know if you need one.






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Thanks Chas so much for dig down to find information and post photos.

I realized that I made big mistake.

I thought I was rebuilding 280zx FS5W71B transmission, but it end up 200sx or 720 truck tranny.

Syncro difference btw closer ratio and wider ratio FS5W71B - Drivetrain - HybridZ

So, I start rebuilding '77 FS5W71B (wide ratio, early 71B) that I pulled out from Junkyard. I realized that I need right hand thread of mainshaft nut for this tranny after searching web.

5 speed Transmission Nut numbers- Gather Car A&Q

the later versions had the left hand thread. Earlier ones had the RH thread (the ones that came loose; that's why they changed to LH)).

So, the mainshaft nut part#32354-E9803, I got, is actually left hand thread.

I need right hand thread of main shaftnut, which is part #32354-E9802 or 32354-E9804.

I just ordered it at local Nissan dealer and will be there this Saturday.

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