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Insight on an old 240z


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Again.... I can look MY car up a 78 but not this one a 72. And an update. Acording to there legal department they can't even scrap the car or do anything without the title. They will keep me up to date as things go along, i guess they are trying something else cause they're tired of it taking up space.

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You could always go down to the DMV yourself and request a title search, or get the applicable forms for the website listed below and do the same through the Springfield office.


Motor Vehicle Records Division

How do I request information on vehicle titles and registrations?

Complete a Secretary of State Information Request Form or contact:

Secretary of State

Record Inquiry Section

501 S. Second St., Rm. 408

Springfield, IL 62756


How much does vehicle information cost?

Title search - $5

Registration search - $5

Title & Registration - $10

Certified for Court $10.

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Sweet, glad to hear it man. All I know is city service called me and the head guy said that the legal department told him that. They can't even scrap the car without the title, they can't sell it or do anything with it without the title. That's all I know and that's coming from the people i'm trying to buy it from. So at least for now it's safe from getting scrapped.

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