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only the Hazards and brake lights are working????


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After a clutch renewal on my 4 speed 72 240z, i had a friend install my starter while i worked on the driveshaft, upon completion, and everything was assumed to be hooked up correctly, i hooked up the battery to go and try out the new clutch. as i walked to the drivers side, i noticed quite a bit of smoke and immediately removed the negative lead. Turns out, he had installed the negative lead to the starter solenoid and the positive to the block, dumbass.... so the other wire that leads to the starter solenoid (its yellow for me) fried up a bit, so i replaced the foot long section that was burnt. i go back to my car, and nothing. not a peep, no clock, no lights, no radio nothing, except my Hazards and when i depress the brake, the brake lights will come on, no headlights. I checked the fusebox, none blew. any idea where my problem could stem from??

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