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GTR Grill and taillight panel colours

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Hi Guys (Adzmax and Hoybo in particular), did anyone manage to dig up a matching colour code for the grill?

I have been slowly getting back into researching paint for my car, one of the sidetracks i took was looking into spectrophotometer's (paint matching via photo samples with a machine), maybe there is somewhere here in sydney that will be able to match a paint code from my original grill (assuming Adzmax no longer has any paint on his, otherwise maybe there is somewhere in melbourne too?!)

googling to see if i can come across anyone who does.. but assuming any of the machines from the big refinish brands should do a comparable match..

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No codes sorry. I don't even know where to start.

I don't have any original paint on my grill sorry otherwise I'd have it matched. I'm super, super keen to get it though as I'm rebuilding my grill now.

Maybe when you do get it painted you'd be kind enough to paint a couple of sample cards for me? Good luck! :)

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figured so, fingers crossed hoybo will come through..

I am a long way off that yet, but when i goto the distributor (alto spares in north ryde) for my dupont 2 pak for the inside and bottom of the car, i will ask them who i should go see to get it worked out (i don't think they will do it, though they do match paint so who knows).

Will try to find someone and take in the original GT-R grill and the NOS GT-R rear panel, and see if they do match.

I am likely going to paint flares in the same colour, and at worst, will need to touchup the small amount of rust on my grill, so i will need to deal with it at some stage, my only concern is that the grill paint seems to be a metallic flake

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Yeah the grill looks metallic for sure. I'm confident it can be matched by eye though, some guys (including my friend Troy) are freaks with color. I can't see difference in some things and he can pick it every time.

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