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  1. Oh, there is a blanking plate in the engine bay where the master bolts, just undo and you're in. I forgot to mention in my previous post you'll need to also add one more hole for the clutch pedal spring. Or (with small hands) you can get it into a small hole up in the pedal box which works perfectly fine.
  2. You can use the auto brake pedal, just cut it down and slip the manual cover over. You can bend up an auto brake pedal to be made into a clutch pedal. You don't need to change the pedal box, only add a stopper. I added one on the bottom "rail" of the pedal box as shown in pic one. And in regards to your other post looking for a clutch master, both the master and slave can be bought new from any Brake and Clutch place. I used Slacks Creek Brake and Clutch for mine (up here in QLD), they even got me a brand new clutch off the shelf. Let me know if you'd like some photos. I believe I've got some somewhere from when I converted mine, and I can do to the car and take photos of as it sits now.
  3. Speedo cable seems fine. turns nicely. I got it with my manual conversion and turns out auto and manual are the same. I'll be free all day sunday, still got my number somewhere? Just text me when you wanna pop in. PLZ, pm sent with number.
  4. Free 240k / L series parts. 240k aircon and cut under dash plastic. 2x l24 auto boxes. 1 auto starter, torque plate and 2 converters. Old manual conversion stuff. Clutch master, slave, speedo cable. Front struts with brakes. Complete. Few auto conversion bits, shifter etc. Gogogo or else going to scrap. Pick up by Friday, can drop off for beer. Pick up is Mt Gravatt Brisbane.
  5. I too have to top one. My car is a series 2.
  6. Plz818 we should meet up. I live locally and own a c110 4 door. I also know about Trevor and his collection.
  7. Hoybo

    Yonmeri K

    Completely forgot about these! Also, a old thread I posted.. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/240k-swap-sell/48529-fs-dash-bits.html
  8. Can you PM the part numbers / or where you got all the rear bushes?
  9. Sorry to bump an old topic, but I didn't need to change my pedal box at all when I did a manual conversion in my 76 K Sedan. Only thing I had to do was drill in the clutch stopper. Every other circlip and pin was there for me. I got sent a pedal and a spring..
  10. Done some more research, using a all the pictures I've seen indicate long nose set up. Need the change the input shafts (25 to 27 spline), we in Australia are lucky, some NA S13s, U13 AWD Bluebirds, use 27 spline 4 bolt CV shafts that fit perfectly (apparently). Otherwise you need to change dust caps etc etc. I'll do some more research, could turn out cheap being as we are in Australia.
  11. Anyone who deals with Ramjet be careful.. My mates have had dealings with him in the past and not saying they've gone bad, but stuff didn't turn out to what it was or wasn't.
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