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Dyna Lite wheels


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Looking for some help identifying these wheels. P/O told me these wheels are from the 70's, but I have found a few half truths in what he told me. I can't find much on them in this forums archives or general google search. Dyna Lite is the name of the company that produced them, they are well made and quite light. I will be tearing them down for a rebuild fairly soon so thought I would ask. I have been through the big thread with wheel pics and they are not listed. 15" x 7" I think, could be 15" x 6" Also they are a 2 part wheel.



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They are one of several small volume Japanese multi-piece wheels that were offered here shortly after the first Enkei wheels hit the US market. Many were imported and sold by established American wheel makers who were blindsided by the impact of the Enkei wheels. IIRC, DynaLite may have been imported and sold by Appliance. Their 14" offerings were two-piece welded (not bolted), but the 15" were bolt-up wheels as pictured. As a guess, you should be able to remove the center of the wheel, but the two rim halves are likely welded together down the middle.

Oh yeah, early to mid-80s, not 70s.

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