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Looking for a good deal on a Datsun in Florida


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All you Fla. folks please give me a heads-up if you see a good deal on a Z, roadster, or 510. My good buddy Ross Parks (who I started the Atlantic Z Car club with) spends a month in Fla every spring. He wants to buy a Datsun to drive around then return home or ship to Canada.


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Florida is 500 miles wide and 500 miles tall. Can you be a bit more specific?

On land!

I think he may want to stay out of the underwater portion!!! Those cars would have a serious rust problem. LOL

Using your measurements, Florida would be just a bit smaller than Texas! (250,000 sq.mi. vs 268,581 sq.mi.)

When in reality it only covers 65,755 sq. mi..

Thanks for the chuckle,


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I doubt he'll find any - Unless his definition of a "good deal" - is paying a lot up front for a very good car. Which as most of us know is usually the best deal one can get.

If his definition of a "good deal" is a Datsun that is low priced [cheap}, looks good, runs good and could be driven daily for a few weeks here - -- he won't find one. When cars like that come up - they are bought within hours if not days of listing.

But it never hurts to try..


Carl B.

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