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Recovering Squishy Black 260-280 Steering Wheel

Captain Obvious

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What options are there for having the 260-280 black rubber steering wheels recovered?

On a related note... Anyone want to trade their black rubber 260-280 steering wheel for either a Grant or a Datsun faux wood 240 wheel? I've got one of each and would trade either one for a 260-280 wheel that I can mess with.



I don't care how squishy or cottage cheesed the rubber is... :sick:

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Nothing? No info on anyone who refurbishes the black rubber wheels?

And nobody wants to trade their cottage cheesy bubbly loose rubber wheel for a 240Z "wood" wheel or a Grant GT which already has the correct hub adapter? I figured people would jump all over a straight up trade offer like that... ? :paranoid:

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I had my late 74 1/2 260 wheel recovered at a shop called Craft Customs. They are in Rockwall, Texas which is not too far from Dallas. I had the wheel recovered in black leather and they also refurbished the inner metal spokes as well as the center horn piece. They did a nice job but were also a little on the pricey side.

I can post some pictures if you want to see some before and after.


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the pics. That looks fantastic. I don't know what you paid, but from the pics, they did a great job. Couple of questions if you don't mind:

Are there finger grip indentations on the forward facing (unseen) side?

Do you know if they completely removed the original rubber material before they started the reconstruction, and if they did... Do you know how they built the diameter back up before the final leather covering?

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