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Can the heat shield be removed without taking off intake.


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I used some cheap clear coat on my shields and the heat has turned them yellowy. I got the bolts out but can't maneuver it out. Anyone know a trick? It looks like I could remove the throttle body and it would come out or take the intake off. Any other ideas or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.

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Without knowing the year of your Z, it might be a difficult question to answer, as there may have been changes made throughout the years. Having said that, I removed the heat shield from my 1970 240 just last week, and didn't need to remove the intakes for that. On my car, it was 4 or 6 bolts that attach the shield to the intakes, and then the 2 springs that secure the heat shield to the throttle linkage. Once they were all removed, I just dropped the shield and removed it. Perhaps you have a/c equipment in place that might be making it difficult to maneuver?


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With a standard exhaust manifold its simple. Only thing in the way is the pcv hose to the crankcase and then you can drop in down a bit and pull it out. Sounds like your headers have taken all the space directly under the intake? Can you post a photo, might help trigger someone with a solition to help.

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I'm proud to say I figured it out. I loosened the passenger side bottom allen bolt on the throttle body and was able to move that arm that holds the throttle return spring from vertical position that was blocking the shield to horizontal. The shield fell out then. And yes the heat shield sits right on top of the header tubes. Thanks for your replies. Cliff

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