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Black Sludge in Hose


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I was removing a few hoses to replace and found that one of them contained a black sludge..... this sludge was also in the pipe leading into and out of the hose, my question is what is this hose suppose to be moving and is there a good way to clean this out, im sure its not suppose to be moving this through the engine.....


The pictures show what the hose was, and what dripped out of it, and where the hose ran between, when I put a paper towel into the pipe that goes into the block there was a thick sludge on it like old oil.


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It is your hose from your crank case to your pvc valve (positive crankcase ventilation) it allows vapers to be removed from the crank case to help stop the build up of sludge and moisture in your engine. It appears that it is original and would have sludge built up in it. I would replace hose and your pvc valve, and look at a good product to run thru your crank case to remove any build up, and CHANGE your oil.

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That is your PCV valve and hose.

During both the Combustion and Exhaust strokes - vapors can blow by the piston rings - and wind up in your crankcase. As the rings wear, the amount of blow by will increase.

Because the crankcase is sealed to prevent the vapors from blowing into the atmosphere - the PCV hose and valve are in place to redirect them back into the intake manifold - and back into the cylinders to be burned. This happens only when the pressure in the crankcase is greater than the pressure in the intake.

On older engines {prior to about 1966} these vapors were simply vented to the atmosphere so they didn't build up. If they are not vented - they contaminate your engine oil and lead to sludge build up. Not to mention making your engine work harder on the intake stroke and reducing efficiency of the Power stroke.

As suggested replace both the Valve and Hose - and change the oil & filter. If that problem has existed for some time - which it sounds like it has - might be a good idea to drop the oil pan and clean it out as well. {but that is not a real easy job}.


Carl B.

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