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Maybie you know about 710's ?

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I am not actually the owner of a 280, I am the owner of two 1977 710 wagons. One is a parts car that was my first datsun, a rusty mechanic owned and duck taped beauty. It ran before I started using it for parts for a perfectly kept garaged wagon I found about a year later.

If anyone knows of a forum better suited for 710's please let me know. When I search on line I keep getting directed to this forum, so I thought I would give it a shot, not sure if anyone here can help me.

Me and my second wagon had a wonderful time for the first two years. Until gas was leaking profusely out of the base of the carburator. I decided to get the carb rebuilt rather than buy a new carburator, as a new carb would mean many modifications (origional carb no longer available).

The carb was rebuilt, but the car was now having trouble accelerating. It never had this problem before. I am told that the newly cleaned carb can effect everything else. It struggled all the way to 60km (35m), stubornly stayed at 60km (35m), and than it seemed to shift and it accelerated fine after that, although did not sound as good as I remember. Every time I slowed down this process happened all over again.

I took it to a mechanic to adjust the timing and choke in case me and my helper did it wrong. He said it was still running ruff, and I gave him the go ahead to replace the points and condenser and to adjust the valves.

The car still has the same problem it did before the timing and choke was adjusted by the mechanic, it does not want to accelerate, until it is able to pass 60km (35m) and than it accelerates fine. The one thing that did change after taking it to the mechanic, is once it passes 60km (35m), it accelerates at a rate like I never knew a 40 year old car could. I am attributing this to the valve adjustment.

oh yeah and there is black smoke sometimes. again a post carb problem.

So this is where I am at now, my manual spans many models and years and I am having difficulty identifying where the parts are that I need to check. Info on the interenet is inconclusive. This forum deals with 280's. I have learned here though that I need to check for a vacuum leak and the fuel pressure. I am choosing to assume at this point that the EGR and relays are working fine until I eliminate the more common causes. I do not think my car has a throttle position switch (?).

I would like to do the yogurt cup test, but I don't know where the Throttle Body is, do 710's have one? I am not a mechanic and this is my first car ever worked on. Without 77 specific manual I am never sure if the parts even exist on my car. If someone could explain where the intake and throttle body are in relation to parts that I know (carb, alternator, rad, motor) that would be great. I am an artist, so as a visual person pictures and videos would really, really help. If you are going to post a close up of parts, please also take a zoomed out photo.

The engine is a L20B.

Thanks, I love driving this car. I can't imagine driving anything other than a datsun.

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neat car. The yogurt cup test is for fuel injected models. Though you're engine is a carbed four cylinder much is the same. You could use the search function for vacuum leak there is lots of basic info that would pertain to your car.

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Also, if you're having trouble finding manuals about the 710, maybe look for a book about the Datsun 620 pickup. It has the same engine and carb setup as you and can help with trouble shooting your fuel problems.


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Sounds to me as though it is getting way too much fuel. Problem with the carb I would say.

Or I wonder if the brake booster is faulty--how do the brakes feel, do you have to stand on the pedal to make the car slow?

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Thank You everyone! I will check for vacuum leaks first, than check the fuel pressure. The pick up manuals are more common, so if I need to use a 620 one I now know I can.

It never hurts to check the breaks, and I actually had a break overheating incident way back (a rocky mountain road trip).

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