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Considering a Z and have Questions


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I am considering buying a 71 240Z and i need some advice. It is my friends and has sat for 7 years. First it has a lot of body mods like fiberglass hood, front air dam, and fender flares. When it was on the road it ran really hot and i think it would overheat. It is not the oringinal motor. It has a 280 z motor with a 4 barel on it. Its a 4 speed and the body looks fairly nice. Last how hard is it to get parts for these cars and are they expensive? Any ideas would help greatly. Also what should I look for and how much should I pay?

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I would pay about $1200 considering it gets hot and the body is fairly nice. There are a lot of companies that specialize in parts for these cars. The 240Z is becoming a coveted car now because of its light weight and all around performance. They can consume time and money, but pays off in the end. It is like having second girl friend. If you are going to restore it you are going to pay some cash and if you drive it everday for fun very inexpensive no different in maintenance then any other sports car. I would get it if I were you.


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I had the same problem with my 72' 240Z and one way I solved it was a new water pump and fan clutch. You may also have a intake manifold thermostat, if you do u should check that also. There are other reasons that it over heat, but other than that it sounds really good, just look for any rush spot because that where it will cost a lot to fix. It's well worth the time and effort if you plan to restore it, like I plan to do. Good Luck

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